Lawn and Garden Watering Needs – Summer vs Fall

People are creatures of habit. If they are used to watching a certain TV show at a specific day and time, and then the show's broadcast changes, many will stop watching it. Or, if they are taught from a young age to always turn the light out when leaving a room likely this habit will continue into their adult years. Well, what are the sure signs that summer is ending and the autumn season he fast approaching? Baseball pennant races, sure. Leaves on trees changing colour? Perhaps, … [Read more...]

Planning for Garden Growth

Stella D'Or Day Lily's In A Row

So, you are planning to build a new garden or to remodel part of an existing garden in your home as part of your fall outdoor home renovation activities. Do you buy and plant new shrubs and perennials for how they look today or how they will look in two, three or 5 years from now? Plan for the long term. Do you check to see if a particular evergreen or bush is a slow growing or a fast growing plant before you buy it? You should. Take as an example our Stella D'Or Day … [Read more...]

President’s Choice Double Pink Coneflower

Early Spring Garden

Last spring, I wrote about the one Double Pink Coneflower plant we purchased from President's Choice (actually our neighbourhood Super Store). Here is what it looked like still in the small planter: It is the one in the foreground of the above picture, hiding in the small container. That was last spring. I had actually forgotten about this plant. I had forgotten that it was a perennial. It really didn't do very much in its first year. Fast forward to this year. Look at this … [Read more...]

Spring Flowers – Tulips Not All Coming Back

Don Quichotte Tulips

Two autumns ago we planted several types of tulips as part  of our front garden makeover. Last spring we saw how they game out. The different types of tulips included a grouping of Ballerina, Elegant Lady, Claudia and Tres Chic tulips, Menton tulips, Don Quichotte tulips, and more. Now this spring would be the second year for the different groupings of tulips. I was curious to see how they came out. Would they come up in the same numbers? After all, we had a very mild winter with … [Read more...]

Fertilizing Evergreens

Shrub Fertilizer Spikes

Yesterday we talked about fertilizing trees. Today, I'd like to address fertilizing evergreens in our garden. Just as trees in our lawn need their own fertilizer, evergreens can also have roots which go go deep into the soil which is where you need to place their nutrients. You want to encourage the root system to remain deep in the garden's soil by placing the nutrients at that low level. As well, many gardens are like ours in that there is a top layer of ground cover be it cedar mulch … [Read more...]

Solar Powered Outdoor Christmas Lights – 1 Year Later

Noma Solar Outdoor Christmas Lights 002

Yesterday I wrote about non-energy conservation related tasks we did to prepare our home for the winter, including placing the stakes in the garden to hold our solar powered outdoor Christmas lights. Last year, the artice we wrote about the new solar outdoor lights we used outside our home received a lot of comments, both good and bad, about others' experiences with the same product. In fact, I had installed a pair of the clear mini-lights outdoor sets on the handrail of our backyard … [Read more...]

Fall Garden Cleanup – 1

Front Garden Before Clean Up 1

No time like the present. Winter is coming. And, I want to clean up the front garden now before it gets cold outside making this task more unpleasant than it already is. OK, so it's not hard ... when it is still nice and warm and sunny outside. So here are some home maintenance tips you can use for your own garden. I purposely (that is my story and, yes, I am sticking with it) left our front garden unattended all summer, just to see how many weeds might grow through the garden mulch. … [Read more...]

Scotts Turf Builder Fertilizer from Home Depot

We were fortunate to receive some gift cards ourselves from The Home Depot to help us with our spring lawn and garden clean up this year. So, with us focusing a little more than in prior years on conservation of our money, we decided to discontinue the lawn service we had used during the past two years and see if we could take care of our lawn ourselves. I know, I hard can it be? Well, it shouldn't be that hard, right? And that's the point. This is no time to be spending money … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 31 – Tulips More Visible

Yesterday in Part 30, we took our first look at some of our front garden's tulips were starting to sprout out from their wintery garden bed. Today we can see them much more clearly a mere 3 days later. Now, if you recall, we had the following picture of the West side of our front garden. From this picture, we cannot see any of the new shoots of the dozen Stella D'Or Day Lilies which were planted along the concrete boundary between the garden and the driveway because of all the … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 30 – Spring Tulips Have Appeared

East Garden in Spring

Last fall we wrote several article in this series on our selection and planting of various types of tulip bulbs in our front garden as part of it's makeover. The links to those articles within this series are at the end of today's article to refresh your memory of what we planted where. Today we have to write about what to us is a true sign that winter is gone (except for the likely spring snow storm) and that spring has truly arrived. In looking over our front garden today I notice for … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 29 – Consider All The Seasons

Front Garden Before Makeover

In Part 29 we completed our planting of different tulip bulbs in our front garden. Today we wanted to remind you to consider all of the seasons when planning a home garden, not just the present. When we planned and planted our remodeled front garden it was the spring and summer. If you recall, we had a garden plan created for us by a professional (which cost nothing as we received a credit equal to the cost of the garden plan at the garden center where the professional garden planner … [Read more...]

Fall Colours – Part 2 – Due South


In Part 1 we looked at the changing colours / colors of the trees towards the east of our home during the fall season. Today we look at the changing colours / colors of the trees straight south of our home. In the summer, we feel as if there is a blanket of leaves right at the end of our property. That is how thick they are. Cath likes that type of view. Myself, I would prefer if the trees were not so close together so we could see into the valley. This is only possibly in the late … [Read more...]

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