Home Water Savings Tip #443 – Inside – Use Some Bath Water For Trees

Editor’s Note: To view all the 530+ different energy and water conservation tips for the home, simply access our Free Energy and Water Savings Guide, 3rd Edition +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Number 443,  Use Some Bath Water for Trees. If some bath water is good enough from time to time for your outdoor plants, then what about your outdoor trees? Or your outdoor garden shrubs? Reusing grey water properly and appropriately can save you money by letting you use less … [Read more...]

Fertilizing Evergreens

Shrub Fertilizer Spikes

Yesterday we talked about fertilizing trees. Today, I'd like to address fertilizing evergreens in our garden. Just as trees in our lawn need their own fertilizer, evergreens can also have roots which go go deep into the soil which is where you need to place their nutrients. You want to encourage the root system to remain deep in the garden's soil by placing the nutrients at that low level. As well, many gardens are like ours in that there is a top layer of ground cover be it cedar mulch … [Read more...]

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