How Fast Do Hills Yews Grow?

Hills Yews 1

Good question. When we undertook our front garden makeover project our intent was to have a relatively low maintenance garden. That meant slow growing bushes and shrubs. One type of evergreen shrubs included in our new front garden were Hills Yews. They are short evergreen shrubs which we are using in collections of three along the wall of our garage. If one is not a full time gardening professional, which we are not, one has to rely on the advice of the person at the garden … [Read more...]

Spring Flowers – Tulips Not All Coming Back

Don Quichotte Tulips

Two autumns ago we planted several types of tulips as part  of our front garden makeover. Last spring we saw how they game out. The different types of tulips included a grouping of Ballerina, Elegant Lady, Claudia and Tres Chic tulips, Menton tulips, Don Quichotte tulips, and more. Now this spring would be the second year for the different groupings of tulips. I was curious to see how they came out. Would they come up in the same numbers? After all, we had a very mild winter with … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 31 – Tulips More Visible

Yesterday in Part 30, we took our first look at some of our front garden's tulips were starting to sprout out from their wintery garden bed. Today we can see them much more clearly a mere 3 days later. Now, if you recall, we had the following picture of the West side of our front garden. From this picture, we cannot see any of the new shoots of the dozen Stella D'Or Day Lilies which were planted along the concrete boundary between the garden and the driveway because of all the … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 30 – Spring Tulips Have Appeared

East Garden in Spring

Last fall we wrote several article in this series on our selection and planting of various types of tulip bulbs in our front garden as part of it's makeover. The links to those articles within this series are at the end of today's article to refresh your memory of what we planted where. Today we have to write about what to us is a true sign that winter is gone (except for the likely spring snow storm) and that spring has truly arrived. In looking over our front garden today I notice for … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 25 – Planning for Tulips for Spring Color

Fall Hostas

In Part 24, we looked at the addition of the Weeping Caragana and Sedum to our front garden. Today, we start our look at the addition of tulips to add spring colour. Now, when we reviewed the garden plan we received back in the spring from the, well, garden planner, it did not include any tulips. However, we really like tulips. They add so much color in the spring. And, if there is one thing that our front gardens lacks so far in our efforts to remodel them, it is color. As a … [Read more...]

Pyramidal Yews In The Fall

Complete Garden Plan

We are writing a comprehensive series of articles on the makeover of our front garden. Today we wanted to take a break and focus on how the Pyramidal Yews look in the fall. Above is the garden plan we have shown before that we are using to guide us in making over our front garden. As you can see, the plan calls for numerous Pyramidal Yews, identified by the letter 'D' that are highlighted in yellow. Yes, lots of them. We really like them. Above is a … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 23 – Finishing the Planting On The Left

Japanese Maple

In Part 22, we started the planting of our two fall additions, namely the Fireglow Japanese Maple and the pair of Sedum Autumn Fire perennials. However, after digging and preparing the hole to receive the Japanese Maple water remained at the bottom. Here is why. Where we live there is a layer of clay about 3 feet beneath the soil. It's everywhere. So, if you need to dig a hole for planting sufficiently deep that you hit the layer of clay, you should dig (at least this is … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part – 21 – Stella D’Or Day Lilies Progress

Stella D'Or Day Lilies

In Part 20 we introduced the two large Mums which we had purchased and placed in front of our front door with plans to plant in our front garden. Today, we wanted to check back on the progress of the Stella D'Or Day Lilies which were planted, according to the garden plan created for us, along the side of the driveway. If you recall, this is what they looked like after we had initially planted them. I have to admit I was a little suspicious. I had never planted these plants before … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 19 – The Need For More Color

Front Garden Needing Depth

In Part 18,   we talked about our like of the Hostas plans and their flowers. However, did you notice that there really isn't very much colour in our two side gardens (on either side of the front door) or in the main front garden? Well, there isn't. There will be next year when the Climbing Hydrangea hopefully starts to produce flowers (I don't think it will this year). But still, more colour is needed. Yes, the colour needs to fall in with our goal to have as maintenance free garden as … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 18 – Hostas In Full Bloom

Flowering Hostas 1

We return now to our ongoing series of articles on the makeover of our front garden. We have written before about how much we like the Hostas type of plant for a garden. They seem to grow in any type of soil. They seem to spread each year to cover more ground. And most of them produce their own flowers once per year. What we wanted to show you today is how they look in full bloom. First are some pictures with some of the flower shoots starting to appear. Next are pictures of … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 15 – Planting the Climbing Hydrangea

Climbing Hydrangea

In Part 14 we talked about the climbing hydrangea we purchased according to the garden plan from the professional planner. These plants are climbers and will attach themselves to the brick of a house. They will also provide nice white (so we are told) flowers. Here is the garden plan for our front garden. See if you can spot on the plan where the climbing hydrangea are supposed to go. They are represented on the plan below by the letter A.   Yes, one climbing hydrangea is supposed to … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 14 – Watering Can and Climbing Hydrangea

New Watering Can

In Part 13 we had finished planing the six Yews and are now on to the next task in our garden make over. The garden plan we obtained from the professional garden planner (remember, for the cost of $100 for which we received a $100 store credit) called for a climbing hydrangea at each end of the garage wall against which the front garden was located. This would accomplish several things: this is a slow growing perennial plant that will return year after year (i.e. low maintenance for … [Read more...]

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