Lowering Electricity Use Tip #60 – Use Front Door More vs Garage Door

Editor’s Note: To view all the 530+ different energy and water conservation tips for the home, simply access our Free Energy and Water Savings Guide, 3rd Edition +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Number 60, Use Front Door More vs Garage Door. Contributed by a recent visitor to our site, this is a great idea for those who have an entrance from their garage to the house. Remember, whose with an automatic garage door opener will use electricity to open and close that garage … [Read more...]

LED Light Bulbs In Garage Door Opener

Non-Recessed Ceiling Light With CFL Bulbs

Another article today about our experiences with LED light bulbs in our home. LED light bulbs as you know use much, much less electricity yet can produce the same amount of light as incandescent and halogen light bulbs. LED light bulbs are not subject to premature failure if they are used only for a few minutes at a time. Certain CFL light bulbs, like the different brands we used to use in our own house, stopped working and had to be replaced in only two to three years in the bathroom … [Read more...]

Using LED Lights In The Garage

Garage Door Opener

The past few article in this LED home lighting series has seen us write about the LED PAR 20 type of light bulb. We actually started this LED home lighting series looking at the workhorse of most home light bulbs in North America, the A19. Today we thought we would return to the A19 type of LED light bulb and see how it would work in the garage. Now, The Home Depot's A19 EcoSmart 9 Watt LED light bulb is, according to the product description, is dimmable and is for use … [Read more...]

Garage Door Weather Stripping – Part 2 – The Solution

No Weather Stripping

Yesterday in Part 1 we wrote about the issue we had with the rusting nails on the weather stripping for our 6 month old insulated garage door. Today we find the solution. And, unlike some of our other home renovation experiences, this one does indeed have a happy ending. Peter, sales manager of Durham Doors personally returned with the person who originally installed our door 6 months earlier. Now, as part of their premium long lasting garage doors Peter has his crews used a premium … [Read more...]

Garage Door Weather Stripping – Part 1

House Before Renovations

Last summer during the frantic activity renovating our current 20 year old house which we had just purchased, we contacted a company to have the wooden and rotted garage door replaced. Unfortunately we don't have a picture of the original door, so this picture of the house before any renovations began will have to suffice.   Now, we had met at a local home and garden fair a company called Durham Doors. They took the time to explain their product, pricing and the like. They … [Read more...]

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