Satellite Receiver Retailer Problems

6131 HD Satellite Receiver

Last time, I wrote about the purchase of our replacement High Definition Satellite Receiver. To remain on topic, I did not tell you about my issues while at the retailer. Let me do that now so (A) you have the full sense of my frustrations on the weekend and (B) you can hopefully avoid these for yourself. I went to the Future Shop store in our area where we purchased the original unit about 5 years ago. The person who I spoke with over the phone was busy with another customer when I … [Read more...]

Extended Product Warranties & Future Shop


Yesterday I wrote about our experiences with the now 3 year old Hitachi Ultravision TV. I described how Hitachi will tend to provide free of charge a replacement light engine for the generally acknowledged defective part but will not pay for the labour costs to repair the unit with the replacement part. Here is where our extended product warranty comes in. When we purchased the unit over 3 years ago from Future Shop, the sales associate gave us the details and cost of their extended … [Read more...]

Hitachi Ultravision Rear Projection LCD TV

Hitachi Ultravision

We have owned the Hitachi 50V500A Ultravision rear projection LCD TV (boy, that's quite a long name for a TV, I know :-) ) for about 3 years now. We purchased it in our prior house and placed it above the fireplace mantle. In our current home, it is placed on it's custom stand (which we purchased through eBay for all of $25 last year) to the left of the fireplace in our family room. Now, about 6 weeks ago or so I noticed what seemed to be in the extreme upper left corner a light … [Read more...]

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