Solar LED Garden or Patio Border Lights from Canadian Tire

Pinnacle Solar LED Garden Light Tops

A few days ago I wrote about some solar LED lighting we received from our friends at Canadian Tire. First it was about the pair of LED lights connected to a separate solar panel to provide a large amount of light for your outdoor patio. Then it was about the pair of Emerald rocks containing a small solar panel on top and LED lighting on the side to provide accent lighting for your outdoor garden. Today I wanted to show you another type of solar powered LED lights available for the … [Read more...]

Solar LED Accent Garden Lighting From Canadian Tire

Solar LED Accent Garden Lights From Canadian Tire

Yesterday we wrote about solar LED outdoor lighting we installed outside our basement sliding door walkout to eliminate the need for the motion sensor light in the summer and reduce the amount of electricity used in the home. Today we wanted to write about the solar LED accent garden lighting we received again from Canadian Tire. These are very attractive in what appears to be a small garden rock. The small solar panel is built into the top of the pretend rock powering the LED … [Read more...]

How Fast Do Hills Yews Grow?

Hills Yews 1

Good question. When we undertook our front garden makeover project our intent was to have a relatively low maintenance garden. That meant slow growing bushes and shrubs. One type of evergreen shrubs included in our new front garden were Hills Yews. They are short evergreen shrubs which we are using in collections of three along the wall of our garage. If one is not a full time gardening professional, which we are not, one has to rely on the advice of the person at the garden … [Read more...]

Fall Garden Cleanup – 2

After Clean Up 016

Yesterday we showed you pictures of the garden beside our front door before and after our front garden cleanup, as well as the pictures of our front garden prior to the cleanup this fall. In case you missed the sorry state of our front garden, here is a short video clip where you can see the overgrown Hostas, the wildness of the two small trees at the front of both the left and right sides of our front garden and especially some of the Pyramidal Yews which have almost lost their attractive … [Read more...]

Fall Garden Cleanup – 1

Front Garden Before Clean Up 1

No time like the present. Winter is coming. And, I want to clean up the front garden now before it gets cold outside making this task more unpleasant than it already is. OK, so it's not hard ... when it is still nice and warm and sunny outside. So here are some home maintenance tips you can use for your own garden. I purposely (that is my story and, yes, I am sticking with it) left our front garden unattended all summer, just to see how many weeds might grow through the garden mulch. … [Read more...]

Remember to Fertilize the Shrubs and Bushes

Evergreen and Shrub Fertilizer Spikes

A few days ago I wrote about the first fertilizing of our lawn this year. Don't forget to  fertilize your shrubs, bushes, evergreens and trees as well ... but with their own food. Last spring I wrote an article titled Don't Forget To Feed Your Trees, which my day time boss mentioned to me that he had read and actually used that tip. This article is not about fertilizing the same tree, well, because we no longer have it. Why the tree is no longer our property is for a discussion or two … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 31 – Tulips More Visible

Yesterday in Part 30, we took our first look at some of our front garden's tulips were starting to sprout out from their wintery garden bed. Today we can see them much more clearly a mere 3 days later. Now, if you recall, we had the following picture of the West side of our front garden. From this picture, we cannot see any of the new shoots of the dozen Stella D'Or Day Lilies which were planted along the concrete boundary between the garden and the driveway because of all the … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 4 – Out With The Old

Side Before

In Part 3 we reviewed the plan created for us by the garden planning expert. Now the work actually begins. We start by removing all of the 'vegetation' that will not remain in the remodeled garden. I also went ahead and ordered the flowers I would be using from Flower Delivery Dublin. That way they are here and ready to go in right away. We previously wrote not one but two articles with pictures about the removal of the tree stumps that were left in the garden, including the stump … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 2 – The Plan

Plan with Pic's

Our intention with the garden make over is not just to make it more astectically pleasing but to have it as low maintenance as possible. I don't have, as I used to, the time or the interest in going out into the garden every month or so to trim fast growing bushes, to pull weeds out of the dirt and perform general maintenance. I want a low to no maintenance garden. You have to be alert for all those things if you want a clean garden which is why I recommend getting a lawn mower. Where to … [Read more...]

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