Continuing With The Dryall Damage Repair

Second Layer of Drywall Compound

Last time I described, and showed with a lot of pictures, how I started to repair the large drywall crack on the wall supporting one of the French Doors between the living and dining rooms. If you missed the prior article you can simply use the above link. To remind you of where we left off, we had applied drywall compound onto the crack and surrounding wall surface followed by placing moistened non-adhesive drywall tape onto the wet drywall compound, smoothing the tape so no air pockets … [Read more...]

How To Repair Drywall – French Doors

Glass French Doors To Dining Room

Over the past couple of weeks we have written about our experiences repairing drywall in two very different situations: How To Repair Drywall Holes From Relocating Towel Rack How To Repair Crack Between Sheets of Drywall Today, we have a third different type of drywall damage in need of repair in which I thought you might be interested in how we did it. Take a look at the picture below. What do you see? Sure you see a pair of French Doors with glass inserts leading to a dining … [Read more...]

Retractable Screen – Part 9 – The Open French Door Solution

Hook & Eye Latch

In Part 8 we outlined the how we needed a solution that would keep the French Door open and secure when we wanted to use our new retractable screens to provide greater air ventilation in our home. You can add a contemporary office lighting to the room so it has the right lighting. Right now there was nothing to prevent a gentle breeze from moving the open door up against the porch light and brick of the outside wall, or back into the door frame, and we were about to find out a led wall … [Read more...]

Exterior Solar Blinds – Part 12 – EZ Snap and French Doors 2

EZ Snap Installed on French Doors

In Part 11 we reviewed the situation with the French Doors leading from our kitchen eating area to the deck in the back of the house and our initial steps to install the EZ Snap solar blinds on the outside of these doors. On the last post someone commented that I should try out house cleaning service because I can afford it. Well I found one house cleaning company and I really like them, check them out from On the other hand, there's this new software company that connects … [Read more...]

Exterior Solar Blinds – Part 11 – EZ Snap And French Doors 1

French Doors Before EZ Snap

We last wrote about the Columbia Roofing EZ Snap that we really like in Part 10 about a month ago. This month we decided to try and see if we could apply the EZ Snap exterior window shades on the outside of the front doors leading from our kitchen eating area out to the deck on the south part of the house, which by the way is a recycled plastic decking. Last month we had all the windows replaced and added dual window glazing to all the windows. The picture above shows the … [Read more...]

Finishing the Door Handle Installation – Part 2

Finished Door Handle Hardward Inside Door

In yesterday's article we provided visual evidence of what an unfinished installation of the door handle hardware can look like. Today we conclude with the approach we used to finish the job. To finish the job and provide a more professional appearance all we did was to use Wood Filler that cost less than $5. Wood Filler comes in different colours. We actually had to wait a few days for the Wood Filler in white to be restocked. Yes, this is the same Wood Filler we used to finish the … [Read more...]

Finishing New Door Frames – Part 3

Exposed Nail Head

In the last post, Finishing New Door Frames - Part 2, we had just applied the Wood Filler into the holes in the new door frame as well as on top of the finishing nails. So, the next day (actually, it was about a full week later once I was able to have some 'reno time' :-) ) I used some sand paper to smooth out the wood filler from the holes and sunken nail heads along the top and both sides of the door frame as well as on the inside of the actual doors which also had screw holes that I had … [Read more...]

Finishing New Door Frames – Part 2


In Part 1 we examined different examples of what an unfinished new door frame installation can look like. Here, in Part 2 we review what tools and materials we used for the finishing. Three of the tools we are going to use are shown below:   The tool in the yellow and black packaging is called a Nail Set. It's purpose is to allow one to use a hammer to drive the exposed nail head beneath the surface of the wood. Did you know that this device comes in different sizes? I didn't it. The … [Read more...]

Home Renovation Tip – Painting French Doors – Part 3

French Doors End

OK, in the last post we had the doors fully painted and the plastic covering removed. We asked the question concerning what to do if the width of the doors is less than the width of the door opening. Or in other words, what if when the doors are installed there is a noticeable gap between the ends of the doors. How does that gap get removed so the look is like this? The answer, according to our friend and primary contractor, Bruce, are wooden strips of wood.   If you look … [Read more...]

Home Renovation Tip – Painting French Doors – Part 2


OK, so the two pairs of French Doors have been hung on the door openings with care, in the hopes that a painter would soon be there. They were primed and painted and now needed to have the plastic coating removed from either side of each pane of glass. As a reminder, this is what they looked like after the priming and painting: So, what's the best way to take the plastic off? Top / down, side-to-side, from the middle out, from one corner? Does it really matter? I had no idea, never … [Read more...]

Home Renovation Tip – Painting French Doors – Part 1

Finished French Doors

Painting of new French Doors. We have two pairs of these in the living room, which doubles as my office at home. Two weekends ago we finished painting them. This past weekend, we removed the plastic cover from the glass inserts.   First, let's talk about the painting. Below is a picture of one of the pair from with in the living room. We purchased both doors from the big box store down the street. It was a 'special order', not that there was anything unique about them vs other such doors. … [Read more...]

Home Renovation Tip – Painting French Doors

As part of our home renovations, prior to the issue yesterday with the ice and water leaks, we started to paint the french wrought iron doors. We finished painting the pair which were in the living room when we bought the house that were subsequently moved to the new opening in the basement between the billiard room and the 'electric panel' room. We primed the first set of French Doors in the Living Room. As we have learned, one has to be careful not to use too much paint on the wood part … [Read more...]

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