Applying Metal Screen to Sub Floor for Tiling Support

Metal Screen For Tiles

In our last article within this floor tiling renovation project series, we had completed preparing the sub floors in both the front foyer and the adjoining laundry room. Now we are ready to install the metal screen which will help support the new large floor tiles. We haven't really talked about the actual floor tiles we have chosen for our front foyer and adjoining laundry room, have we? Well, we chose porcelain over ceramic for the additional strength which porcelain is supposed to … [Read more...]

Preparing Laundry Room Floor For Tiles – Part 2

Plywood On Top of Exposed Closet Floor

In the previous article within this floor tiling project series, we say the initial preparation for the laundry room floor. Today we continue the floor preparation tasks. At this point in the floor preparation process, the 1/4 inch plywood is placed loose on the laundry room floor for two purposes. First , the area of the floor vent is marked off to identify where to cut the its opening. Remember, measure twice and cut once. Notice the two pairs of markings for the vent opening on the … [Read more...]

Home Renovation Tip – Hardwood Floors and Trust

During home renovations or at any time "trust" is a five letter word.Part of our renovation was to replace the Carpets in the dining room, kitchen and family room due to the wear and tear and cigarette smoke.  A neighbour of ours, Mike, sent us to The Hardwood Flooring Store that he had dealt with the past. Mike and Barbara were great neighbours. Mike even shared my passion for Notre Dame football (hard to find in these parts). In Carpet cleaning Leighton Buzzard, we had a great selection … [Read more...]

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