Fertilizing Trees

Scott's Turf Builder Lawn Fertilizer

In the spring one of the most common outdoor activities for a household when you walk or cycle or drive up and down a neighbourhood is to see someone fertilizing their lawn. Some people have garden services to do this for them while others do it themselves. Why do this? Well of course roots of any outdoor plant are in serious activity in the spring and to do there work as Mother nature intended they need, well, food. What about the trees on your property? If you see lots of … [Read more...]

Remember to Fertilize the Shrubs and Bushes

Evergreen and Shrub Fertilizer Spikes

A few days ago I wrote about the first fertilizing of our lawn this year. Don't forget to  fertilize your shrubs, bushes, evergreens and trees as well ... but with their own food. Last spring I wrote an article titled Don't Forget To Feed Your Trees, which my day time boss mentioned to me that he had read and actually used that tip. This article is not about fertilizing the same tree, well, because we no longer have it. Why the tree is no longer our property is for a discussion or two … [Read more...]

Scotts Turf Builder Fertilizer from Home Depot

We were fortunate to receive some gift cards ourselves from The Home Depot to help us with our spring lawn and garden clean up this year. So, with us focusing a little more than in prior years on conservation of our money, we decided to discontinue the lawn service we had used during the past two years and see if we could take care of our lawn ourselves. I know, I know....how hard can it be? Well, it shouldn't be that hard, right? And that's the point. This is no time to be spending money … [Read more...]

Anatomy of An On-Line Contest – Home Depot Tool Rental Gift Card Contest Results

So, our second contest ever has come and gone. And, I have to admit it was pretty exciting seeing all of you who entered our contests make your submissions; some only once while others almost every day. If the number of contest entries is any indication, this contest was a great success. In our first contest, last fall, we had around 850 entries. Guess how many entries we had for our contest this spring? Go ahead, guess. :) Would you believe that we had a total of: 9,338 entries … [Read more...]

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