Home Renovation Project Listing – Eves Trough / Gutter Replacement

bay window fascia and gutter

A while back we had a contractor, recommended by a friend, replace the gutters and down spouts in our 22 year old home. Today, we provide that page for our eves trough or gutter replacement project. Why the need? Well we had not one but two ice dams two winters ago in our gutters causing water leakage in our dining room and basement ceiling. Thank goodness we were home when this occurred so no permanent damage occurred. However, this was caused by a combination of poor initial gutter … [Read more...]

LED Indoor / Outdoor Christmas Lights from Canadian Tire

Noma LED Christmas Lights 011

Last year we wrote about the solar powered outdoor Christmas lights we used in the back and front of our home. The comments we received to that article were many. If they were any indication, some types of solar powered Christmas lights perform inconsistently. In fact, one doesn't see them advertised as much this year; at least I don't. Perhaps the low price of these LED lights and current solar technology prohibits a consistently performing product. This year, I decided to … [Read more...]

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