New Year’s Resolution – Save Money Through Home Energy Savings

Looking for a New Year's Resolution that you will be motivated to actually keep for a long time? What about resolving to reduce your home's utility bills and save your money? Excessive utility bills is a waste for you and a waste for the environment. It is a waste of your money for you if your home uses more natural gas, home heating oil, electricity and water than you need to. It is a waste for the environment if your home uses more non-renewable resources (natural gas, home heating … [Read more...]

Daily Home Energy Savings Tip #277 – Heating – Rearrange Furniture

Editor’s Note: To view all the 530+ different energy and water conservation tips for the home, simply access our Free Energy and Water Savings Guide, 3rd Edition +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Number 277, Place Beds and Chairs Away from Exterior Walls and Windows. The money saving heating idea here is simple. If cool air comes into the home through cracks in the wall, through under insulated walls and through windows, why have your furniture near exterior walls and … [Read more...]

Reducing Home Electricity Use Contest Sponsored by EZ Snap Direct Exterior Window Shades

EZ Snap Solar Shades Installed

No sooner have we finished our spring home water conservation contest when it is time for another contest. With the high temperatures in the 80's and 90's starting early this year in many parts of North America, this contest is very timely to both increase awareness of the many different ways to reduce electric utility bills as well as offer a chance to win one of our favorite electricity reducing home products. If you have been a visitor to our site,, with any type … [Read more...]

Top Commented Articles

I thought it would be interesting (at least to me) to see which articles published by us here at over the past two plus years have received the most comments. Would it be one of the many, many articles on energy savings and water savings for the home? Well, no. What about some of the many articles on our home renovation or maintenance activities? Again, surprising to us, no. The five articles we have written receiving the most comments were all about our … [Read more...]

ecoENERGY Retrofit – Homes – 3 Year Anniversary

March 31, 2010 marked the 3rd year anniversary of the Federal ecoENERGY Retrofit - Homes program in Canada. The intent of the program is to provide financial incentives to Canadian households to undertake prescribed energy conservation investments in their homes such as replacing inefficient major 'appliances' such as central furnace or air conditioner with a high efficiency model, improve the attic or wall insulation, reduce air leaks through various means including replacing windows and doors … [Read more...]

Energy Conservation Products and Devices Used In Our Home – Winter – 3

Programmable Thermostat

The past two days has seen us review the inventory of the different energy conservation products and devices we use in our home during the winter to maximize our energy savings. Today, we complete the listing. Which ones do you use in your own home? Which ones do you use in your own home which we do not? 30. Programmable Thermostat 31. Real Time Electricity Consumption Reader (PowerCost Monitor) 32. Solar Air Heater 33. Solar Powered Outdoor Christmas … [Read more...]

Energy Conservation Products and Devices Used In Our Home – Winter 2

The Internet

Yesterday we started to take inventory of all the different energy savings products and devices used in our home this past winter. In that article we reviewed the first 14 energy conservation items. Today we continue with our collection. As you review what we use, think whether you also use them in your own home. If you do, are you using them as much as you could to maximize your energy savings? If you are not, why not? And now, we continue with our list and pictures of energy … [Read more...]

EZ Snap Exterior Window (Solar) Shades – White Anchors

EZ Snap Blank Anchors

OK, y'all likely remember how much I like the exterior window screens we use from EZ Snap Direct on our south facing windows to maximize our energy savings in the summer from reduced electricity bills from our air conditioner not running excessively. Remember, these are the ones which reduced the temperature reading on our digit gauge  by 15 degrees F. after we first installed them. And, since last summer was mostly rain and cool, I fully expect this summer to be lots of sun and lots of … [Read more...]

Real Estate Perspective: Selling Your Home and Home Energy Conservation

If you are thinking of selling your home soon, or any time in the future, remember that one of the aspects buyers will look to is how much it is costing you for your utilities; you know, how much is your electricity bill, your natural gas or home heating oil bill, and your water bill over the past one or two years. I keep reading more and more how energy efficiency is coming to play more often by home buyers. Some jurisdictions even require energy audits, different from home inspections, to … [Read more...]

Solaris Electric Cordless Solar Charged Lawn Mower 2010

2010 Rear Solaris Grass Catcher

Editor's Note: Curious how this lawn mower is performing in its third year? You can! After reading the rest of this article simply select this link to read Solaris Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Review Three Years Later. +++++++++++++++++++++++ The past two years has seen us provide detailed reviews of the electric, cordless, lawn mower from Linamar Consumer Products with the optional solar charging option. This lawn mower is sold throughout North America under the Solaris, Epic and … [Read more...]

Optimum Placement of PowerCost Monitor Display Unit

Notre Dame Sourveniers in Home Office

Several days ago I wrote the first of now several articles about the PowerCost Monitor and whether it has helped us reduce our electricity consumption as we continually strive to maximize the energy savings we achieve in our home. It was in response to an email we received from Cathy, a visitor to Over the past few days I indicated that we already had the various devices (CFL light bulbs, power strips, ENERGY STAR appliances, etc.) and had already undertaken … [Read more...]

PowerCost Monitor – Place Display Unit For Maximum Visibility

PowerCost Monitor by Coffee Maker

Yesterday I wrote how yes, the PowerCost Monitor did help me to remember to think about the amount of electricity being consumed and to at least think about taking actions if I noticed wasted electricity being consumed in our home. Maximizing the energy savings achieved in the home is not a one time or two time activity; rather, it is an ongoing effort if you are to not waste money from higher than necessary electric utility bills. I also wrote how our kitchen was to room where everyone … [Read more...]

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