Lowering Your Air Conditioning Costs Tip #181 – Delay Using Heat Producing Appliances Until Evening

Editor’s Note: To view all the 530+ different energy and water conservation tips for the home, simply access our Free Energy and Water Savings Guide, 3rd Edition +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Number 181 , Delay Using Heat Producing Appliances Until Evening.  This idea is very good from two perspectives. Why contribute to the heat inside your home when it is the hottest outside and your air conditioner is working its hardest? Second, many utilities have lower … [Read more...]

Lowering Electricity Use Tip #57 – Unplug Home Office Electrical Equipment At Night and Weekends

Editor’s Note: To view all the 530+ different energy and water conservation tips for the home, simply access our Free Energy and Water Savings Guide, 3rd Edition +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Number 57, Unplug Home Office Electrical Equipment At Night and Weekends. You don’t have to work at home in order to have a home computer, printer, etc. for personal use; it is still a home office. And, remember to unplug, not just turn off, this equipment to eliminate phantom … [Read more...]

Watch Out For Your Electric Bill

Have you looked at it lately? I mean your electric bill; have you taken even just two minutes to read it recently? What about all those annoying inserts that are included in the envelope with your electric bill? Me I usually throw them out. Yet, I read this one just before I read the accompanying monthly electric bill for my home. This insert had the catchy title of  'Electricity prices are changing.' This did not sound like good news. First, it had the following … [Read more...]

Using Home Depot EcoSmart PAR20 LED Light Bulb


Two days ago, we started our review of the Home Depot's EcoSmart brand's version of the 8 Watt PAR20 LED light bulb. Today, I wanted to show you how its unique design looks installed in a recessed ceiling light fixture as well as discuss its light output. Now, remember that this LED light will produce 8 Watts (40 Watts equivalent from a halogen light bulb) or 350 Lumens of bright white light output per the package according to the package, which is 44 Lumens per Watt. As well, remember … [Read more...]

Electricity Rates Rising 16% – Electricity Savings Idea Needed

Euro and dollar symbol

Last night I heard on several news channels that electricity costs are jumping because electric rates charged by local utilities are going up a staggering 16 per cent in the next month or two. I read it again in this Toronto Star article. It must be real. So upon hearing this news I did two things. First, I submitted my microFIT solar roof top generation project application to the Ontario Power Authority. If you can't be 'em, join 'em. I have written a couple of articles so far (simply … [Read more...]

Smart Meter Installed

Removing Electric Meter Band

A short while ago we received a notice in the mail from our local electric utility that they would be replacing our current 23 year old electric meter with a smart meter. Smart meters are all the rage in North America. They allow electric utilities to obtain more information about your household's personal electricity consumption habits. They allow electric utilities to change their pricing for the electricity you use to a time-of-use approach whereby they charge you more at peak times … [Read more...]

Energy Saving Tip Contest

We have written a few times about the PowerCost Monitor, the electricity consumption measuring device which helps us save money by providing real time usage information on the amount of electricity we consume. With this real time information we adjust the amount of electricity we are wasting by leaving lights on in rooms where no one is around, leaving video games and entertainment systems on when no one is playing or watching, etc. Well, Blue Line Innovations is having their own "Energy … [Read more...]

Energy Conservation Products and Devices Used In Our Home – Winter – 3

Programmable Thermostat

The past two days has seen us review the inventory of the different energy conservation products and devices we use in our home during the winter to maximize our energy savings. Today, we complete the listing. Which ones do you use in your own home? Which ones do you use in your own home which we do not? 30. Programmable Thermostat 31. Real Time Electricity Consumption Reader (PowerCost Monitor) 32. Solar Air Heater 33. Solar Powered Outdoor Christmas … [Read more...]

Optimum Placement of PowerCost Monitor Display Unit

Notre Dame Sourveniers in Home Office

Several days ago I wrote the first of now several articles about the PowerCost Monitor and whether it has helped us reduce our electricity consumption as we continually strive to maximize the energy savings we achieve in our home. It was in response to an email we received from Cathy, a visitor to DailyHomeRenoTips.com. Over the past few days I indicated that we already had the various devices (CFL light bulbs, power strips, ENERGY STAR appliances, etc.) and had already undertaken … [Read more...]

PowerCost Monitor – Where to Put It?


Yesterday we wrote about the email we received last week from Cathy regarding our usage of the PowerCost Monitor from BlueLine Innovations. She wanted to know if it helped us in our efforts to maximize our energy savings by reducing electricity consumed in our home. Well, let's talk about it then. The first and most fundamental point about the PowerCost Monitor, like with any other electricity usage measuring device, is that it does not by itself reduce the amount of electricity consumed … [Read more...]

Christmas Gift Idea For Dads

PowerCost Monitor 030

A lot of dads in families are alike in many ways. They like to tinker around the house, even though they might not be very good at it. They don't like seeing money wasted. They are skeptical about new products until they know others have successfully used them. Their families have a hard time buying presents for them. Here's an idea that might help with deciding what to buy them this Christmas. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the PowerCost Monitor we acquired from Blue Line … [Read more...]

Using BlueLine Innovations’ PowerCost Monitor To Measure Our Home’s Electricity Consumption – 2

Electromechanical Electric Meter

Yesterday we introduced you to the PowerCost Monitor™, a device which provides a homeowner with real time data, in both Kilowatts and in dollars & cents, on the electricity being consumed in their home. With this information, a homeowner can monitor action taken to reduce the amount of electricity consumed in the home and same them money. Today, we look at the installation. Here is the type of electric meter we have on the outside of our home. This energy conservation … [Read more...]

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