Lowering Electricity Use Tip #53 – Always Use Task Lighting

Editor’s Note: To view all the 530+ different energy and water conservation tips for the home, simply access our Free Energy and Water Savings Guide, 3rd Edition +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Number 53, Use Task Lighting, Always. Why use ceiling recessed lighting if you only want light to read a book? Instead, use the table lamp (containing a CFL or better yet an LED energy saving light bulb, of course). Why have the recessed ceiling lights on in the kitchen when … [Read more...]

Announcing The 3rd Edition of our Free Energy & Water Savings Guide

Now into its 3rd year, visitors to DailyHomeRenoTips.com in past month or so may have noticed an adjustment or two over on the left. Quietly, and without any fanfare, we updates our previous 504 item collection of energy conservation and water saving ideas for the home. Now the total number reads 535+. We have added the 30+ additional tips we received from our two prior giveaways this year to our existing collection. So, officially or otherwise ;) , we are announcing the 3rd edition of … [Read more...]

Smart Meter Installed

Removing Electric Meter Band

A short while ago we received a notice in the mail from our local electric utility that they would be replacing our current 23 year old electric meter with a smart meter. Smart meters are all the rage in North America. They allow electric utilities to obtain more information about your household's personal electricity consumption habits. They allow electric utilities to change their pricing for the electricity you use to a time-of-use approach whereby they charge you more at peak times … [Read more...]

Energy Saving Tip Contest

We have written a few times about the PowerCost Monitor, the electricity consumption measuring device which helps us save money by providing real time usage information on the amount of electricity we consume. With this real time information we adjust the amount of electricity we are wasting by leaving lights on in rooms where no one is around, leaving video games and entertainment systems on when no one is playing or watching, etc. Well, Blue Line Innovations is having their own "Energy … [Read more...]

PowerCost Monitor – A Few Months Later

family room with table lamp

About 10 days ago we received an email from Cathy. No, not my wife. :) This Cathy I have never met before (if that's her real name.....you know how the Internet can be) and her email came out of the blue. She had seen our prior article back in November on the PowerCost Monitor, this new (to me) device which provides real time information on the quantity and cost of electricity being consumed in the home. Here's the link to the first of the articles I wrote back in mid-November on the … [Read more...]

Home Energy Conservation – No Cost Electricity Savings Tips – 3

Editor's Note: To view the 240+ different energy conservation tips for the home we have collected, simply access our Un-Official Guide To Home Energy Conservation. The past two days have seen us look at the first 28 suggestions for home owners to use in trying to reduce the amount of electricity consumed in their home year round; some refer to these as utility bill money saving tips for the home. If you missed these two articles you can access them here by clicking on the links to No Cost … [Read more...]

Green Savings

Euro and dollar symbol

Free Home Energy & Water Cost Savings Collection   With over 530 items, below is the 3rd Edition of our free energy saving and water saving ideas, suggestions, tips, etc. to save you money in your home be it a house, condo or apartment. Be it energy or water usage reduction, these are green savings for the home. Being (environmentally) Green In Your Home = More (financial) Green For Your Home If this single collection of over 530 money saving energy and water conservation … [Read more...]

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