Lawn and Garden Watering Needs – Summer vs Fall

People are creatures of habit. If they are used to watching a certain TV show at a specific day and time, and then the show's broadcast changes, many will stop watching it. Or, if they are taught from a young age to always turn the light out when leaving a room likely this habit will continue into their adult years. Well, what are the sure signs that summer is ending and the autumn season he fast approaching? Baseball pennant races, sure. Leaves on trees changing colour? Perhaps, … [Read more...]

Home Renovation Project Listing – Eves Trough / Gutter Replacement

bay window fascia and gutter

A while back we had a contractor, recommended by a friend, replace the gutters and down spouts in our 22 year old home. Today, we provide that page for our eves trough or gutter replacement project. Why the need? Well we had not one but two ice dams two winters ago in our gutters causing water leakage in our dining room and basement ceiling. Thank goodness we were home when this occurred so no permanent damage occurred. However, this was caused by a combination of poor initial gutter … [Read more...]

Solar LED Garden or Patio Border Lights from Canadian Tire

Pinnacle Solar LED Garden Light Tops

A few days ago I wrote about some solar LED lighting we received from our friends at Canadian Tire. First it was about the pair of LED lights connected to a separate solar panel to provide a large amount of light for your outdoor patio. Then it was about the pair of Emerald rocks containing a small solar panel on top and LED lighting on the side to provide accent lighting for your outdoor garden. Today I wanted to show you another type of solar powered LED lights available for the … [Read more...]

New Car Purchase – Who Can You Trust?

Pontiac 2009 Vibe

A bit of a change for us today. Last week be went out and bought a replacement for our long in the tooth Saturn L100. After 8+ years it was time to replace it before we ended up replacing every part inside, if you know what I mean. :) So with all the Cash Credit this and Manufacturer Rebates that which you see being advertised right now, we figured now was the time to make the plunge. Now, you have to understand something. I loathe shopping for pretty much anything except … [Read more...]

Snow Shovel Review

Ergonomic Snow Shovel

Snow Shovel. Simple title, eh? ;) We have needed a new snow shovel for years.  The one which has been my mainstay for what seems like forever, with a black plastic blade, was so used that the blade had worn down to almost the size of a tooth pick; almost. A few days ago I was was having breakfast in the kitchen and the breakfast show on City TV, with Kevin and Dena, was playing so I could catch up on the morning's events. Well, during one segment, the weather Dude, Frank F., also … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 31 – Tulips More Visible

Yesterday in Part 30, we took our first look at some of our front garden's tulips were starting to sprout out from their wintery garden bed. Today we can see them much more clearly a mere 3 days later. Now, if you recall, we had the following picture of the West side of our front garden. From this picture, we cannot see any of the new shoots of the dozen Stella D'Or Day Lilies which were planted along the concrete boundary between the garden and the driveway because of all the … [Read more...]

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