Painting Door Frame of Replacement Front Door, Conclusion

Tapes Door Molding

Yesterday we started to write about painting the un-primed door frame for our replacement front door. As mentioned, painting a door frame is not hard. It just needs patience. Do not attempt when you are in a hurry ... unless you are OK with getting paint on the wall from a few wayward brush strokes. :-) Now, if there is one trick to applying the paint it would be not to apply too much at once. You see, the issue I have always had was leaving excessive paint on the painter's tape. In … [Read more...]

Painting Door Frame of Replacement Front Door

Unpainted Door Frame

During the spring and summer last year we wrote about our experiences with our replacement front door. Well, even though the replacement for the replacement front door was installed in late June, it was only until recently that we found the time to paint the door frame. Now, if you remember nothing else, remember this. When you order a new front door and frame, please make sure that the door frame comes at least primed. The first replacement door came with a pre-primed door frame. The … [Read more...]

Replace Worn Door Sweep

Broken Door Sweep

Last week we wrote an article on different ways one could reduce heating (in the winter) and cooling (in the summer) utility bills through low cost energy conservation tips. Within that article was the suggestion to install door sweeps at the bottom of exterior doors. What if the door sweep becomes worn or broken? Well, replace it. In our case the door sweep I had installed just last year on the bottom of the cold cellar door had already broken. So, it was not really keeping out … [Read more...]

Interior Window Plastic Insulation – 3

Double Window

In Part 2 we finished installing the plastic insulating film over one of the 5 foot high windows in our walkout basement. Once this was done we proceeded to install the plastic film in the same manner on the other two windows in the basement, including the 5 foot b y 8 foot wide double window. Here's a picture of that double window once the see through pastic insulation had been installed but before the excess plastic (seen on the left) had been removed and the hand held blow dryer applied … [Read more...]

Interior Window Plastic Insulation – 2

Window with Plastic Insulation Film

Yesterday we described our basement window situation and started the installation of the plastic insulating film. Today we continue to look at the insulation of this cheap and easy approach to reducing our home heating utility bills. Once we had the two sided tape on all four sizes of the window frame, we then next measured the size of the area to be covered, using the measuring tape provided in the window insulation kit. After adding the recommended two inches per side as a safety measure, … [Read more...]

Interior Window Plastic Insulation – 1

Basement Bay Windows

A few days ago we wrote an article in our continuing series on Home Energy Conservation on inexpensive ways home owners can use to reduce their home heating bills. Today we wanted to demonstrate one of those suggestions; specifically, suggestion #30 on using plastic window insulation kits on the inside of your windows. Now, if you recall we have these very large 5 foot high windows in our basement's billiard area.  These were not among the windows we replaced with ENERGY STAR windows … [Read more...]

Home Renovation Project Listing – Replacement Front Door

Old Front Door

If there was one area of our home which we renovated that had the most frustration it would have to be with our front door. If there is no other evidence of this, just look at the number of different articles which we wrote in this home renovation project series. In the end we replaced a 20 year old front door and side lights which leaked a treamendous amount of cold air into the house in the winter that looked like this: ... to one with looked like this: If you are … [Read more...]

Energy Conservation Project Listing – Retractable Screens

DreamScreen Retractable Screens French Door Installed

We have been asked to list all of the articles we have written for our various home renovation and energy conservation projects. Below you will find the links to each article in our series of retractable screens, including what the product is all about, how it is installed and how it looks. The product we use is from DreamScreens Canada. This is a great product to help let the outside air in the house to reduce excess heat buildup yet hide out of the way when not being used, … [Read more...]

Energy Conservation Project Listing – EZ Snap Exterior Solar Blinds

EZ Snap Exterior Solar Shades

We have had requests for us to create separate pages which will list every article we have written about our experinces within a particular home renovation or home energy conservation project of ours. So, this week, the week between Christmas and New Years, that is exactly what we will do. You asked for it, you got it! ;) Today we present our experiences installing and using the exterior solar blinds / solar shades we purchased over the Internet from EZ Snap. This way you won't have to … [Read more...]

Home Energy Conservation and Renovation Tips – One Year Anniversary

Today, October 26, 2008 marks the first full year anniversary of Daily Home Renovation Tips. We have learned a lot from both writing about our experiences ('to teach is to learn') as well as the many comments we have received from our visitors. Quite honestly, a year ago we didn't even think past the next day as far as what we would be writing about. We would like to thank all those who supported us, including Rebecca (Domestik Goddess), Sue C. (Lighthouse News),  Gui O'Connor (Website … [Read more...]

Exterior Replacement Door – Part 34 – Credit Card Financing Details

First Replacement Front Door

Seeing how we wrote about credit card financing for home improvement projects yesterday, we thought we would make time to follow-up on our experiences using the retailer's credit card to finance our exterior replacement door. In Part 33 of this series, we wrote how only by checking the retailer's credit card statement did we notice that we still, after 2 months, had not yet received the agreed upon: delay in the start of the 12 month no interest, no payments deferral period from … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 20 – Enter The Mums – Chrysanthemums

Front Door With Mums

In Part 19, we talked about the need for more colour in our front garden. Now, enter the Mums ... or to be more precise Chrysanthemums. If you recall, way back in Part 1, we stated that our goal was to makeover our front gardens so it would be as low maintenance, no maintenance as possible. I wanted slow growing plants, plants that would appear year after year, plants that would need little from me yet provide me with visual beauty. Yes, I wanted a one way street! :-) In my youth I … [Read more...]

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