Finishing Trimming the Neglected Cedar Hedge

Cedar Hedge Under Control

Yesterday I showed you the tools used by the professional tree and hedge contractors to finish the job I started, that being trimming the neglected cedar hedge down to size. Before they left, I asked them to also tackle one additional aspect of the cedar hedge which had come to be an annoyance. The picture below is from between my house and my neighbours taken right before they started their task. What bothered me was the very first cedar plant of the hedge was too close to the gate … [Read more...]

Trimming the Top Of the Hedge

Unkept Cedar Hedge by Deck

Yesterday we showed you our starting point. On one side of our backyard we have this overgrown cedar hedge which we need to address. My plan was to start by attempting to trim the top of the hedge by the deck from the kitchen. I wanted the top of the cedar hedge to be just a bit higher than the top of the deck's railing. When we moved into this house three years ago, this part of the cedar hedge was beneath the top of the deck's railing. Now, I had this Black and Decker electric … [Read more...]

Robins – Part 5 – Growing Up

Baby Robins 010

In Part 4 we presented two videos made with a digital camera of a mother Robin feeding her babies within a week of their birth. Today we present additional pictures taken a few days later. What you will notice, if you compare the following pictures to those in Part 3 are how much the babies have matured. In these pictures, the young Robins have taken on a much more mature bird like appearance. Look how large they are now as they sing in harmony to their parents for more … [Read more...]

Robins – Part 4 – Home Vidoes of Feeding The Days Old Baby Robins

In Part 3 we presented some pictures of the parent Robin feeding the new, just days old, baby Robins. In this article, we present to you two short videos showing the feeding of the Robins by the parent. How did we come to obtain these videos? Well, would you believe that they were made with a camera? No, not a video camcorder, but a regular digital camera. They were taken by our youngest daughter who received the digital camera for her birthday. When we bought the digital camera for … [Read more...]

Robins – Part 3 – An Early Feeding Of The Babies

Baby Robins Feeding 31a

In Part 2 we introduced you to the new baby Robins that were born into the bird nest underneath our deck. Today, we have some pictures of an early feeding. Again, we do not want to be intrusive. So, the following pictures might not be as clear as they might otherwise be. Here is the first of the parent Robin in the nest with the gang getting ready to feed. Does anyone know if just the mother Robin does the feeding? Or, does the father Robin also pitch in? Please let us know as we … [Read more...]

Robins – Part 2 – Robin Babies Arrive

Baby Robins 13a

In the first article in this series, we introduced you to the home renovation within the home renovation; i.e. the pair of Robins renovating the nest underneath the back yard deck. We saw the mother Robin in the nest but could not see any eggs. Well within 2 weeks from when we first spotted mother Robin in the nest, not only were eggs, but they had hatched! Talk about a home, or, um, nest renovation that had to be completed on time!!!! :-) Now, we have to be careful. We don't want to spook … [Read more...]

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