Inadequate Drainage

Using Jack Hammer

Yesterday we showed the process by which the crack through which water had leaked into our basement had been located on the inside of our basement bedroom. Today we review the initial part of the solution. And, it was not applying the fix to the foundation wall crack. The first step which Fitz, from Clarke Basement Systems, proceed to do was to drill a small opening in the poured concrete floor directly beneath the crack in the foundation wall. In the above picture you can see … [Read more...]

Bagster Bag Review

Unfolding Bagster

Yesterday I described the Bagster Bag, the so called dumpster in a bag, waste removal product for home renovation, demolition and other contractor or DIY projects. We were honoured that was the first to use this product in Canada. It has been available in the United States for a while now. We received one to try and just in the nick of time as we had just finished our bathroom floor tiling project. The completion of this renovation project saw a fair amount of waste … [Read more...]

Bagster Bag

Garden Shed Contents

If you have been a visitor to our site over the past 2+ years, you know that we have been involved in many different home renovation, home maintenance and home energy conservation projects. With such demolition and renovate projects, one is left with excess supplies (e.g. drywall boards, carpet remnants, quarter round, etc.) as well as, well, what one would label garbage (e.g carpet under-padding, broken floor tiles, replaced old bathtub or sink). If it is your responsibility to deal with … [Read more...]

Quick Home Winterizing Tips

Outdoor Water Pipe Tap Open 1

Last weekend I went around the house and checked to see if I had remembered to do the various winterizing tasks before we started to get snow outside. So, I thought I would provide the list of items I did in advance of winter in case some of them apply to you and you have not yet done same. Here, I am not referring to energy conservation related home winterizing tips. This are simple home maintenance as well as some of which are money saving tasks which should be done to avoid potential … [Read more...]

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