Home Depot EcoSmart PAR 20 LED Lightbulb Review

PAR 20 Light Bulb Comparison

Late in 2010, we wrote several articles on different LED lighting for the home. This included many articles on The Home Depot EcoSmart brand 9 Watt A19 LED light bulb and where we used it in our home. This also included articles on a 3 Watt PAR 20 LED light bulb sold by The Home Depot but not part of their EcoSmart line. One issue I had with this 3 Watt PAR 20 LED light bulb was that it was, well, only 3 Watts. Because it was so low wattage, it was not dimmable; then again, who would … [Read more...]

PowerCost Monitor – A Few Months Later

family room with table lamp

About 10 days ago we received an email from Cathy. No, not my wife. :) This Cathy I have never met before (if that's her real name.....you know how the Internet can be) and her email came out of the blue. She had seen our prior article back in November on the PowerCost Monitor, this new (to me) device which provides real time information on the quantity and cost of electricity being consumed in the home. Here's the link to the first of the articles I wrote back in mid-November on the … [Read more...]

Home Energy Savings Means Saving Money

The issue with many of the energy savings articles and reports are that they focus on generally three topical areas. First, they focus on the cost of energy rising without any useful ways for individuals to offset the rising costs. As if we don't know the cost of electricity, heating oil, etc. goes up and up and up. Second, they focus on new energy saving technologies like the latest and greatest solar panels which most do not understand, cannot afford, and will not save individual … [Read more...]

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