Finishing Tile Floor By Open Stairway

Basement Stair Riser Exposed After Floor Tile Removed

In our previous article within this floor tiling home renovation series, we looked at the completion of the laying floor tile along the hallway floor edge to a sunken living room and along the edge of the front door. Today I wanted to focus on the situation by the open stairway from the front hall to the basement. Here is a picture of this area just after the old floor tile was removed at the start of this home renovation or make over project. Remember, that from an earlier … [Read more...]

Starting To Lay Laundry Room Floor Tiles

Laundry Room Tile Starting Point

In the previous article within our floor tile home renovation project series, it was decided that more concrete was needed to be laid down to level the floor before any further of the 24 inch by 24 inch floor tiles were laid. Now, the contractors are ready to install the floor tile in the laundry room adjacent to the front foyer. The starting point at the beginning of the day is shown in the picture below. There are already two floor tiles laid at the door opening to the front … [Read more...]

Applying Thin-Set Concrete to Sub Floor Metal Screen

Marking Initial Concrete Area

In our previous article in this floor tiling home renovation project, we had installed the metal tile screen onto the 1/2 inch plywood sub floor in preparation for the new large tiles. Today we quickly examine placing the thin-set concrete into the screen as the last step before the contractors can actually install the new floor tiles. Now, one doesn't need a lot of precision for this step. You just need to ensure you mix the right amount of water with the dry mix so the mud as they call … [Read more...]

Removing Old Floor Tile

Plastic Sheets Preventing Dust From Tile Removal

In our previous article in this series on tiling our front hall and laundry room, we provided a description of the current state, with the 23 year old tile in the front hall and the linoleum flooring in the adjacent laundry room. Today, we describe the process used by the contractors to remove the old tile in the front hall. The first thing that they did was to have me turn off the central air system. This was done for the entire floor tile removal in order to prevent the fan in the … [Read more...]

Back To Reality – Home Basement Leak

Interior Area Of Basement Water Leak

And what a World Cup it was.  A month or so of outstanding soccer. Various story lines with unplanned events. One of the best reality television events, sporting or otherwise. Well, now that the World Cup is over, back to my reality, complete with its unplanned events. My reality is a water leak in my home's basement. :( I dread house basement water leaks. For one, it will significantly make it harder to sell the house. Think about it; how would you react if when buying a new home you … [Read more...]

Repairing Bathroom Double Towel Rack – 1

Bathroom Towel Rack Repair\Bathroom Towel Rack Repair 1

Today we write about one of the many home maintenance tips which are easy to do. Most bungalows, just like the one we call home, are short on space because any living space which is not in the basement is all on one floor. So, in our master bedroom's en-suite bathroom we had installed a double towel rack by the contractors as part of creating the en suite in the first place. Planning. A double towel rack holds two towels at once; it will need to hold double the weight of a regular … [Read more...]

Replacement Front Door – Vendor Inspection

Yesterday I wrote about the results from my conversation with the manager of the home improvement building supplies store through whom our replacement front door was purchased and installed. So what transpired after this conversion and the subsequent appointment for the following Monday? You know what happened, right? Go ahead ... guess. What happened to us last year during the installation of of the initial replacement front door occurred again. No show ... no call ... … [Read more...]

Exterior Replacement Door – Part 26 – The New Replacement Door

Replacement Door 2 Side Before Glass Insert

In Part 25 we wrote about how on June 13th (Friday the 13th) the second replacement front door was installed. In this article we look at the differences between the first and this second front door. First, this door is wider. How can that be? Did we ask for it to be wider? No. Let me explain what was told to us. When you go to a retail store and order a replacement door and frame, the retailer takes your measurements (or the measurements that they took on your behalf ... which was the … [Read more...]

Exterior Replacement Door – Part 25 – Replacing the Replacement

Exterior Replacement Front Door Wider Crown Molding

In Part 24 we described the events leading up to the new replacement door that was going to be installed in place of the original replacement door. Well, it did not occur to me that the new installation date was to be June 13; yes, Friday the 13th! Yikes! Good thing I am not superstitious. :-) Now, I like to think that I am a 'cup is half full' kind of guy. Taking that approach the next several articles in this series will focus on both the improved installation as well as the improved … [Read more...]

Exterior Replacement Door – Part 1 – The Ad in the Paper

Door After, Sort Of

For those frequent visitors to our site, you have read every now and again about our adventures in replacing the front door to our house. We actually thought that it would be finished by now. After more than 5 months, it is not. Now, something else has occurred. So, rather than waiting and waiting, we are going to start our new series of articles about our new exterior replacement door. And, as you have seen from our previous articles, if 'it' can happen to anyone likely 'it' will … [Read more...]

Contractors and Materials Cost

As part of your financial arrangements with your chosen contractor, please make sure you remember to agree on the cost of the materials. Please also make sure that you agree up front on the level of detail that you will receive from the contractor when they present you with their periodic invoice. In an earlier post, we talked about how contractors can obtain preferred pricing on materials form many (not all) materials suppliers. On other related news, checkout this blog about CNC … [Read more...]

Leverage Your Contractor’s Supplier Agreements

Another value that contractors can bring to the table is their existing arrangements with their materials suppliers. Typically, many specialty materials stores will offer one retail price to the weekend renovation warrior and a lower price to the every day contractor. In some cases, these reduced contractor prices can be based on the volume of business a contractor brings to the materials supplier. Hiring a general contractor to get in touch with a steel building supplier Take our new en … [Read more...]

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