3M Filtrete Allergen Reduction Air Filter

3M Filtrete Air Filter

You know who you are. You are the one who responsibly changes the batteries in your home's smoke and carbon monoxide alarms every spring and fall when the time changes ... but forgot to check and change your central furnace air filter. You changed the dehumidifier air filter but not your furnace. You are the one who does not have allergies yet have started to sneeze frequently but only inside your house and it is not because you have a cold. You are the one who only changes the air … [Read more...]

Installing Vent Register in Drywall Ceiling Vent

Basement Ceiling Vent Wood Insert

Now that I has sufficiently, I think, covered up all of the possible air leaks in the ceiling vent within the basement room in our home which has the drywall ceiling, I still needed to install the vent cover. If you recall from previous articles, I could not simply install a traditional vent register as it would not fit inside the vent opening in the ceiling. And, using a vent register which is traditionally used for a cold air return did not provide any area inside the vent opening with … [Read more...]

Flow Through Home Humidifier & Humidity Issues In House-2

Flow Through Humidifier and Spray Bottle

Yesterday, we wrote about insufficient humidity levels in our home and winter had just begun. The first thing we checked was to see if the water was flowing into and out of the flow through humidifier. It was not. I found the on / off valve and turned the water on. I still have no idea who or how that valve had been turned off. Next, I then checked that the damper from the flow through humidifier into the furnace was set at the winter setting so humidified air would actually go into the … [Read more...]

Flow Through Home Humidifier & Humidity Issues In House – 1

Flow Through Humidifier

Today we write about a home maintenance tip. We wrote a couple of years ago about issues we had in our house during the winter with insufficient humidity.  We tried several different things but it has never been quite right. So, imagine my shuddering when I heard the following question in my home a few days ago: "Honey, is there anything you can do to increase the humidity in the house? It is awful dry already." Oh bother. And, winter has just begun. Well, I remembered from … [Read more...]

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