Brownie Points – Christmas Brownies With A Twist

Christmas Brownie Points

Christmas and holiday baking or all kinds of treats and deserts such as sugar cookies, brownies, Christmas cakes and the like is in full swing this time of the year. A friend of mine and I were joking about the term brownie points the other day. We all know what brownie points are, right? :) Well, that begs the question "What is a 'point'?" A point could be the end of an arrow. A point could also be simply a 'dot' like a decimal point in $22.52, or the dot about the 'i'. Christmas … [Read more...]

BluRay Players For Christmas – Remember The BluRay HDMI Cables

Sony BluRay Player

BluRay (also spelt Blu-Ray or Blue Ray or Blu Ray) players are one of the popular family gifts this Christmas. And why not? Prices have come tumbling down to ridiculously low levels. You can get a quality BluRay player with a lot of bells and whistles for around $200 like this one I bought during the summer from Sony. A friend of mine is thinking that this would make a great Christmas gift for the kids this year (but I can't tell you who the friend is in case the kids stumble on to … [Read more...]

Lowering Electricity Use Tip #65 – Outdoor Christmas Lights Only At Night

Editor’s Note: To view all the 530+ different energy and water conservation tips for the home, simply access our Free Energy and Water Savings Guide, 3rd Edition +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Number 65, Christmas Lights at Night Only, especially the outside Christmas lights. Who can really see them any better when they are on during the day, regardless if you have LED type of Christmas lights? In the winter, only put on your outdoor Christmas lights at night. Better, … [Read more...]

Christmas Gift Idea For Dads

PowerCost Monitor 030

A lot of dads in families are alike in many ways. They like to tinker around the house, even though they might not be very good at it. They don't like seeing money wasted. They are skeptical about new products until they know others have successfully used them. Their families have a hard time buying presents for them. Here's an idea that might help with deciding what to buy them this Christmas. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the PowerCost Monitor we acquired from Blue Line … [Read more...]

LED Indoor / Outdoor Christmas Lights from Canadian Tire

Noma LED Christmas Lights 011

Last year we wrote about the solar powered outdoor Christmas lights we used in the back and front of our home. The comments we received to that article were many. If they were any indication, some types of solar powered Christmas lights perform inconsistently. In fact, one doesn't see them advertised as much this year; at least I don't. Perhaps the low price of these LED lights and current solar technology prohibits a consistently performing product. This year, I decided to … [Read more...]

Solar Powered Outdoor Christmas Lights – 1 Year Later

Noma Solar Outdoor Christmas Lights 002

Yesterday I wrote about non-energy conservation related tasks we did to prepare our home for the winter, including placing the stakes in the garden to hold our solar powered outdoor Christmas lights. Last year, the artice we wrote about the new solar outdoor lights we used outside our home received a lot of comments, both good and bad, about others' experiences with the same product. In fact, I had installed a pair of the clear mini-lights outdoor sets on the handrail of our backyard … [Read more...]

Quick Home Winterizing Tips

Outdoor Water Pipe Tap Open 1

Last weekend I went around the house and checked to see if I had remembered to do the various winterizing tasks before we started to get snow outside. So, I thought I would provide the list of items I did in advance of winter in case some of them apply to you and you have not yet done same. Here, I am not referring to energy conservation related home winterizing tips. This are simple home maintenance as well as some of which are money saving tasks which should be done to avoid potential … [Read more...]

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