Overlooked Caulking Tube Tip

Caulking Gun Tip

A while back I wrote about the removable tip on a new type of caulking tube, at least it was new to me. In that article I undersold the value of this innovation to one of the most common materials used in finishing painting around door frames and window frames. Over the recent holidays, I had some time to get to a few home maintenance tasks which I had been putting off. One of those was caulking the gap between a door frame and the wall of our public washroom (as opposed to an en suite … [Read more...]

Caulking Tubes – Is There A Difference?

Large Caulking Tube Tip

What a silly question. Or is it? ;) As mentioned yesterday I am about to embark on several home maintenance tasks involving caulking. Some to provide that missing finishing touch. Others related to preparing the home for the winter to come and conserve energy consumed when heating the home. In either case, I am going to need a lot of caulking. I also mentioned that I am likely the world's worst when it comes to applying caulking. I find it a messy task and I am not good at it. One … [Read more...]

Caulking Guns – Is There A Difference?

Old Caulking Gun

Yes. I am known as one who likes to save a buck when I can. I tend to buy what's on sale and what is the cheapest, per unit. So, when it came to a caulking gun, way back when I saved a buck or two and purchased the cheapest. Here is he one I have had for ages. Below is a picture of the one I ended up buying which cost about a dollar or two than the above model which remains available at most hardware stores: Now,  I am about to go through several tubes of all types of caulking … [Read more...]

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