Daily Home Energy Savings Tip #341 – Heating – Basement Floor Insulation

Editor’s Note: To view all the 530+ different energy and water conservation tips for the home, simply access our Free Energy and Water Savings Guide, 3rd Edition +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Number 341, Basement Floor Insulation. If you do not have a finished basement, or if you have a tiled basement floor, you should consider placing some type of carpet or rug on the floor. This will help keep the coolness of the unfinished or tiled basement floor in the ground and … [Read more...]

How To Install Oversized Floor Tiles

Old Light Floor Tile Against Dark Hardwood Flooring

A few days ago we provided a summary of the many articles we wrote about preparing both a previously tiled floor as well as one covered with linoleum for new oversized floor tiles. Today, we provide you with the listing of the articles, with many pictures, we wrote about the installation of oversized 24 inch by 24 inch floor tiles upon completing the many steps involved with first preparing both floors. As a reminder,our floor tiling project began with 23 year old tiled flooring in our … [Read more...]

Preparing Laundry Room Floor For Tiles – Part 1

Washer Dryer Area After Machines Moved

In our continuing series on floor tile installation in our front foyer and laundry room areas, we showed the result of removing the 23 year old tile from the front foyer floor. Today we look at the preparation of the linoleum covered floor of the adjacent laundry room which is to be covered by the same tile. Start at the beginning, right? So, first the washer and dryer were unhooked and placed in the garage. Then the door to the closet in the laundry room was removed and placed … [Read more...]

Finishing Floor Tile Removal

Scraping Excess Old ThinSet

In our continuing series on the re-tiling of our front foyer and adjacent laundry room, we saw the initial effort to remove the 23 year old tile in the front hall way. Today, we finish that effort and see the results. Once all the tiles were removed, the contractors then proceeded to use a shop-vac to remove all the loose cement. As they did this, they also used the large metal scraper you see in the picture below to scrap of any excess thin-set left over from the initial tile … [Read more...]

Bathroom Floor Tiling Project – Custom Bathtub Tiled Skirt

Measuring and Marking Flange Cut in Tile

In yesterday's article we wrote and showed in the pictures how Bennett temporarily placed some of the floor tiles from the walls near the toilet flange in the ground. The purpose of this was to sketch with a pencil the round cut that he would need to make into the floor tiles from SnapStone which would be placed on either side of the flange. Below is another picture of Bennett in action, if you will, with this task. So, here we are with the floor ready for tiling; well … [Read more...]

Felt Protector Pads To The Rescue, Again

Run in Family Room

We have written previously about what to us was a unique use we made of felt protector pads on the wooden gate  in our garage. Well, here we are again. This time it is with our family room. As we discussed previously in our article about the makeover of our family room, we had installed hardwood flooring. However, having the family room, adjoining eating area and kitchen all with the same hardwood flooring can cause sound to travel. I am usually the last family member to go to bed at … [Read more...]

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