Blue Jays vs Robins


We've been wanting to get today's article written and posted much earlier, but life has a way of getting in the way (or should I say shower leaks :-) ) As you may recall, the back of our home faces south and backs onto a ravine and forest. We've never where our house was not backing onto another house. So, we are really enjoying all the wild life we are seeing. Take the Blue Jay. They are a very pretty bird to us. They are even the mascot of a certain major league baseball team who won … [Read more...]

Robins Nesting – They’re Baaaaaack!

Robin Nest Under Deck

Sometimes life really does happen when you are making plans. This week saw our renovation activities focus on spreading the word about home energy audits on various Internet forums aw well as the replacement of our gutters and eavestroughs (a new series of articles starting tomorrow!). When we purchased our home last spring the woman told us that there was a Robin's nest underneath the deck in the back of the kitchen (we have a walkout basement) that was used every year for the past … [Read more...]

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