Recessed Ceiling LED Lighting Review

One PAR 20 LED Light Bulb In Ceiling

In our previous home LED lighting series, I discussed the PAR 20 light bulb, the need we had for it within our many recessed ceiling pot lighting fixtures. I also indicated that my focus was that the LED light bulb I ordered look as much as possible as the current 50 Watt incandescent PAR 20 light bulbs and that it was the same size. Now, in the prior article I purposely left out the wattage equivalent of the LED PAR 20 light bulb which I obtained from The Home Depot who are sponsoring … [Read more...]

Bathroom Floor Tiling Project – Creating Vertical Skirt for Bathtub

Bathtub Rear Skirt Frame

Yesterday we wrote about how we leveled the top of the carpet in the adjacent bedroom to the top of the floor tile in the bathroom. Today I wanted to show you the approach taken to re-create the tiled vertical skirt in the back of the bathtub. If you recall, as part of our bathroom floor tiling project we had to remove the tiled skirt in the back of the bathtub. So, once the floor tile was laid we needed to create this skirt once again. In the above picture you can see the wood … [Read more...]

Bathroom Floor Tiling Project – Evening Height of Adjacent Room Floor

Bathroom Floor Tile Meets Carpet

Last time we wrote about the approach taken to cut the tile over the floor vent opening. Today's topic in our continuing series on our bathroom floor tiling project has nothing to do with the floor tile, except that the top of the bathroom floor tile was a good 1/4 inch+ higher than the top of the carpet in the adjacent bedroom. Now, some contractors would say that is good enough. The one who tiled the floor of another bathroom in our home certainly did. :( However, let me show you a … [Read more...]

Bathroom Floor Tiling Project – Grouting Observations

SnapStone Grout Buckets

When we last wrote about our bathroom floor tiling home renovation project, we discussed the application of the SnapStone porcelain floor tiles in and around the toilet. Today, I wanted to mention the grouting. Now, the grout used with SnapStone floor tiles is different. It is make to provide just enough 'give' to meet the needs of the SnapStone tiles which as we know by now from prior articles in this project series are simply laid on top of existing sub-floor. You can see all the … [Read more...]

Bathroom Floor Tiling Project – The Starting Point

Bathroom Carpet

Yesterday we started this new home maintenance project series about using SnapStone porcelain floor tiles in one of the bathrooms of our home. Today we look at the current situation for the bathroom flooring. This will provide the necessary context for you to understand what we needed to do and why we did what we did. First, as you can see in the picture below, the bathroom  has carpet flooring. This was a conscious decision that my wife and I made three years ago during the major … [Read more...]

Bathroom Faucet Removal

Bathub Spout Removal

Yesterday we described our situation with the damaged diverter within the spout in our bathroom's bathtub, such that we no longer could divert the water to the shower head. I greatly feared a possible solution because I know little and have even less personal experience with plumbing. However, I learned that underneath the spout is a small hole through with the small screw holding the spout to the water pipe could be accessed and loosened sufficiently that the spout could be simply pulled … [Read more...]

Bathtub Faucet Repair

Bathub Spout

Plumbing. It is one of those words which makes me shiver in fear.  I'm not a certified professional plumber. Quite frankly I do not know a lot about basic plumbing as this experience will illustrate. I probably know less than the average person. Now, we had an issue in one of the main floor bathrooms in our home; the same one in which soon we will be undertaking the installation of porcelain flooring tile. In the above picture, you can see the spout coming out from the wall. You … [Read more...]

Finishing Bathroom With Caulking – 2

DAP 30 Kitchen and Bathroom Caulking

Yesterday, we wrote about two areas of our daughter's bathroom which were not properly finished with caulking. Here is a before picture for one of the areas just to remind you. The product we used was this one from DAP, their 3.0 Kitchen and Bathroom caulking. Here is what the area on the left now looks like after having applied the caulking along the corner where the ceramic tiled wall meets the wall just with drywall. Now, remember that I certainly do not profess to be … [Read more...]

Automatic Bathtub Stoppers Not My Friend – 2

Rubber Bath Tub Drain Stopper

Yesterday I wrote in Part 1 the issue we had with our so called automatic or built-in bathtub stopper. It stopped raising out of the drain. The result is that the bath water no longer went down the drain once the bath was done. One option my wife proposed in my absence was to use a knife to pry the metal stopper out of the drain each time a bath was taken. I had visions of scratches caused by the knife on both the metal stopper as well as the bath tub near the drain. As we know bath … [Read more...]

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