Completing the Basement Systems’ FlexiSpan Crack Repair System

FlexiSpan Urethane Sealant Overlay

In the last article in this series about the repair of the water leak in our basement, we saw the start of the FlexiSpan crack repair system being applied. Today this approach to stopping future water leaks through the crack in our basement's foundation wall is completed. Now, as we saw previously the FlexiSpan crack repair system from Basement Systems begins with properly applying urethane sealant into the crack in the wall. This is then followed by applying the FlexiSpan Foam Drain … [Read more...]

Creating A Dry Well For Sufficient Drainage

Increased Drainage Opening

Yesterday, in this series on our basement water leak repair, we found that we did not have sufficient drainage to cover the remote chance that the water leak would return some time in the future after the repair to the crack in the foundation wall. Now, remember that we are talking about a backup should the first part of the FlexiSpan solution not hold out all of the water which would be come in from the outside due to excessive rain storm or melting slow runnoff seeping down through the … [Read more...]

Confirming the House Foundation Wall Water Leak Area

Fitz Arriving

Yesterday I described the approach to be taken by Clarke Basement Systems to fix our finished basement water leak. Today the project starts. Two days before the scheduled date Fiona contacted me to confirm that the time and date were still good for us and to inform me that Fitz would be the professional who would be coming over to our home to undertake the repair. Very nice. Then about 8:15 the morning of the project Fitz called to advise that he was on his way and would be at our home … [Read more...]

Home Foundation Wall Crack

Basement Bedroom

Yesterday I described the basement water leak which occurred two winters ago and my own trepidation and nervousness surrounding a basement leak renovation. During the intervening two years the water leak had not reoccurred; lucky for us, actually. Yet, it took all this time for me to finally locate what I thought was the cause. Remember, the area of the leak in our basement was finished, so I could not see the foundation wall from the inside to locate possible cracks through with the … [Read more...]

SaniDry Dehumidifier – Part 5 – Installation 3

SaniDry Sheet Metal Duct Boot

In yesterday's article, we saw the opening for the upper vent completed on the rec room side of our basement for the completion of the SaniDry Basement Air System from Basement Systems. In today's article, we see the completion of the SaniDry dehumidifier installation. Once the vent cover was placed on the wall of our rec room, attention turned to the area containing the unit on the other side of the wall. Here the sheet metal boot was put in place into the new opening in the … [Read more...]

SaniDry Dehumidifier – Part 3 – Installation 1

SaniDry Delivered in Transportation Packaging

In Part 2 a few days ago we examined the SaniDry Basement Air System (that's it's official name .... I prefer SaniDry Dehumidifier). Today we begin to look at the installation of my new energy conservation product. Now, I thought I would save a few dollars and go pick up the unit in our family van. So I went to Clarke Basement Systems, the closest Basement Systems franchise to me, and when I arrived I started to talk with someone named Don who was out walking what could not have been more … [Read more...]

SaniDry Dehumidifier – Part 1 – My New Energy Savings Toy

Portable Dehumidifiers

Last year, I acquired 4 new energy conservation toys which we wrote many articles on with of course pictures, specifically: Solar Charged Electric Lawn Mower Exterior Solar Shades Retractable Screens Solar Air Heater Each of them helped to reduce the direct and indirect consumption of non-renewable energy resources in our home, reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated in and around our home, and reduced to varying degrees our electric, home heating and home cooling … [Read more...]

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