Home Foundation Wall Crack

Basement Bedroom

Yesterday I described the basement water leak which occurred two winters ago and my own trepidation and nervousness surrounding a basement leak renovation. During the intervening two years the water leak had not reoccurred; lucky for us, actually. Yet, it took all this time for me to finally locate what I thought was the cause. Remember, the area of the leak in our basement was finished, so I could not see the foundation wall from the inside to locate possible cracks through with the … [Read more...]

Back To Reality – Home Basement Leak

Interior Area Of Basement Water Leak

And what a World Cup it was.  A month or so of outstanding soccer. Various story lines with unplanned events. One of the best reality television events, sporting or otherwise. Well, now that the World Cup is over, back to my reality, complete with its unplanned events. My reality is a water leak in my home's basement. :( I dread house basement water leaks. For one, it will significantly make it harder to sell the house. Think about it; how would you react if when buying a new home you … [Read more...]

Basement Ceiling Leak – Part 11 – Not Just One Cause

Wall and Floor Tiles

In Part 10, Bennett had finished breaking up the poured concrete floor as part of repairing the floor of the new shower that was part of our home renovation just 9 months ago. Even before the pieces of concrete were removed from the shower floor, one of the causes of the leak were revealed. In fact, even before any of the concrete shower floor was broken up, the second cause of the leak was revealed. Now, cause #1 was the improper drain which we have already discussed. Cause #2 was … [Read more...]

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