Trimming the Top Of the Hedge

Unkept Cedar Hedge by Deck

Yesterday we showed you our starting point. On one side of our backyard we have this overgrown cedar hedge which we need to address. My plan was to start by attempting to trim the top of the hedge by the deck from the kitchen. I wanted the top of the cedar hedge to be just a bit higher than the top of the deck's railing. When we moved into this house three years ago, this part of the cedar hedge was beneath the top of the deck's railing. Now, I had this Black and Decker electric … [Read more...]

Rabbits In The Backyard

Rabbit 1

How many of you have rabbits in your backyard? Our home backs onto a small forest, so it is to be expected. Yes, they are all cute and cuddly looking, aren't they? :-) We wrote earlier about how we installed a solar charged pest repeller for our mole problems. Well, the Rabbit doesn't seem all too bothered by the solar pest repeller, as you can see it near the Rabbit in the picture below. However, while we haven't seen the Rabbit eating our vegetables from our vegetable … [Read more...]

Robins – Part 4 – Home Vidoes of Feeding The Days Old Baby Robins

In Part 3 we presented some pictures of the parent Robin feeding the new, just days old, baby Robins. In this article, we present to you two short videos showing the feeding of the Robins by the parent. How did we come to obtain these videos? Well, would you believe that they were made with a camera? No, not a video camcorder, but a regular digital camera. They were taken by our youngest daughter who received the digital camera for her birthday. When we bought the digital camera for … [Read more...]

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