Summer Savings Tips

I know. It is is merely the beginning of March. Yet, spring training for major league baseball is in full ... if you pardon the pun ... swing. ;) College basket ball conference tournaments are upon us with March Madness not that far away. Home and Garden shows in your local or neighboring town have already begun. Soon, if you have not done so already, you will be starting to think about what lawn fertilizer to buy this year, which annual flowers to plant in your front gardens, … [Read more...]

Finishing Trimming the Neglected Cedar Hedge

Cedar Hedge Under Control

Yesterday I showed you the tools used by the professional tree and hedge contractors to finish the job I started, that being trimming the neglected cedar hedge down to size. Before they left, I asked them to also tackle one additional aspect of the cedar hedge which had come to be an annoyance. The picture below is from between my house and my neighbours taken right before they started their task. What bothered me was the very first cedar plant of the hedge was too close to the gate … [Read more...]

Professional Hedge Trimmers At Work

Cedar Hedge Extended Cutter

Yesterday I showed my efforts in attempting to trim a mature cedar hedge which had been neglected for a few years. Now we get in the pro's. It was pretty cool to watch them in action. They had this manual, yes I said manual, device with which they were able to reach all of the cedar hedge branches on the neighbour's side which I was not able to do so. with my 2 and 1/2 hedge trimmer. To cut the piece of hedge they simply pulled back on the chain, which you can see at the top of the … [Read more...]

Using Hedge Trimmer on Neglected Cedar Hedge

Cedar Hedge Before Trim

Last time I wrote about the Little Wonder hedge trimmer I had purchased used from Home Depot Tool Rental. Let's see how it worked today, shall we? So, this is our starting point. We have a mature cedar hedge running the full length on either side of our back yard (approximately 40 feet). On the one side our neighbour has maintained it dutifully each year to keep it looking great as shown in the picture below of the well manicured mature cedar hedge. I, on the other hand (or the … [Read more...]

Trimming the Top Of the Hedge

Unkept Cedar Hedge by Deck

Yesterday we showed you our starting point. On one side of our backyard we have this overgrown cedar hedge which we need to address. My plan was to start by attempting to trim the top of the hedge by the deck from the kitchen. I wanted the top of the cedar hedge to be just a bit higher than the top of the deck's railing. When we moved into this house three years ago, this part of the cedar hedge was beneath the top of the deck's railing. Now, I had this Black and Decker electric … [Read more...]

Trimming the Neglected Cedar Hedge

Unkept Cedar Hedge

What an experience. I have lived in many different houses over the years, but never one which had a cedar hedge. So, I had no first had experience with them. As well, the only neighbouring properties with cedar hedges where those where the cedar's tended to die from lack of water and excessive heat. So, with our current home, I was learning 'on the job' as they say; learning by trial-and-error. We write about our home renovation, home maintenance and home energy water conservation … [Read more...]

Solar Pest Repeller, Again

Mole Lawn Damage

Back almost exactly two years ago, we wrote about the problem we had with moles digging up our back yard lawn. We described that we didn't really want to kill the moles, yet were prepared to do so to protect our property. ;) Just look at the picture below to see the damage caused by moles. Now, the solution we tried was this solar pest repeller which emits a sound every 15 seconds or so which scares off the mole creatures yet does not hurt our pet dog's sensitive ears. And, being … [Read more...]

Solaris Electric Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower – Year 2

Backyard Grass

Editor's Note: Curious how this lawn mower is performing in its third year? You can! After reading the rest of this article simply select this link to read Solaris Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Review Three Years Later. +++++++++++++++++++++++ A few weeks ago I wrote about the changes, or to be more accurate the lack thereof, with the Solaris, Epic and Utopia electric battery powered self propelled lawn mower, the one with the optional solar charging station. At the time, the snow had … [Read more...]

Garden Spring Clean-up Has Begun

South Wall Garden Before Spring Cleaning

The past two days has seen us write about, and show pictures of, the tulips of our front garden starting to peak out from underneath the soil for the first time. Our front garden faces north and is mostly in shade. Therefore, it was among the last part of the front of our home to see the winter's snow melt. Depending what part of North America you live (if you live in North America, that is ;)  ) you have either finished, started or are about to start your garden clean up. We started … [Read more...]

Robins – Part 2 – Robin Babies Arrive

Baby Robins 13a

In the first article in this series, we introduced you to the home renovation within the home renovation; i.e. the pair of Robins renovating the nest underneath the back yard deck. We saw the mother Robin in the nest but could not see any eggs. Well within 2 weeks from when we first spotted mother Robin in the nest, not only were eggs, but they had hatched! Talk about a home, or, um, nest renovation that had to be completed on time!!!! :-) Now, we have to be careful. We don't want to spook … [Read more...]

Daily Home Renovation Tips vs The Moles – Part 2 – The Solar Solution

Solar Pest Repeller

In Part 1 we described our problems with what we and others think are moles digging up our back yard's lawn. The solution we are trying is top wifi extenders   It's is a simple idea really. It uses similar technology that the solar charged garden lights in the past few years use to obtain the power from the sun by way of a very small solar panel on top of the unit. The solar panel charges the chargeable battery within the unit during the day and runs the unit. The solar charged … [Read more...]

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