Recessed Ceiling LED Lighting Review

One PAR 20 LED Light Bulb In Ceiling

In our previous home LED lighting series, I discussed the PAR 20 light bulb, the need we had for it within our many recessed ceiling pot lighting fixtures. I also indicated that my focus was that the LED light bulb I ordered look as much as possible as the current 50 Watt incandescent PAR 20 light bulbs and that it was the same size. Now, in the prior article I purposely left out the wattage equivalent of the LED PAR 20 light bulb which I obtained from The Home Depot who are sponsoring … [Read more...]

Basement Foundation Wall Repair Series

Foundation Wall Inside Crack Causing Water Leak

We had a water leak in our finished basement. One winter during a thaw, clear water entered one of our finished basement bedrooms. It took us a while to discover the cause; a crack in our home's foundation wall. From the outside it looked like this in the picture below: From the inside, that same foundation wall crack looked like this after the drywall, insulation, etc. was stripped away and before it was repaired: The past month or so has seen us written a multi-article … [Read more...]

Bathroom Floor Tiling Project – Floor Preparation

Bathroom Floor With Carpet

In the second part of this multi-article series on replacing the current flooring in one of our bathrooms with SnapStone porcelain floor tile, we examined the current bathroom floor situation. Today, we begin to prepare the bathroom floor. I need to begin by telling you that life sometimes gets in the way of one's home renovation plans. I had fully planned to do this project myself, especially with the SnapStone floor tiles being easy to install even for the non-professional (yes, that is me … [Read more...]

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