Finished Pivot Toilet Paper Holder Intallation

Installing Toilet Paper Holder Anchors

So far in this how-to series, we looked at the installation of the Moen Branbury Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder with the brushed nickel finish which we purchased at The Home Depot as part of its Renew and Redo Your Bath event and began the installation. Today we get the new bathroom accessory installed into the potty room of our en suite. Now, here once again are the different parts from the packaging which one uses to install either end of the toilet paper holder. For us, we only needed … [Read more...]

Installing Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder

Removal of Toilet Paper Holder Ends

Last time we wrote about the Moen Banbury Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder in brushed nickel we purchased at The Home Depot Renew and Redo Your Bath event. While it was not one of the many bathroom accessories on sale for 20% off, it was one which fit our en suite's accessories and finishing. Now, what about the installation? It is not hard; it simply entails several small steps. First of course is the removal of the current toilet paper holder. Once done, I wanted to see if the ends … [Read more...]

Drywall Repair – Drywall Damage From Towel Rack

Repositioned Towel Rack

I have written previously about the right way to install towel racks; that being with at least one side anchored into the vertical wood stud behind the drywall. Too often even professional contractors install them using drywall anchor plugs on both sides. When that occurs, sooner or later, one side or the other of the towel rack will start to become loose from the wall and eventually cause damage. That was the situation we had in one of our daughter's bathrooms. This is a simple but … [Read more...]

EZ Snap Exterior Window (Solar) Shades – White Anchors In Place

Black Male Hardware on White Anchor

Yesterday, I wrote and showed how I replaced the older black coloured anchors with the newer white anchors for our EZ Snap exterior window blinds. Why? Well, quite frankly I was curious how the white anchors would look behind the black coloured hardware used to secure our exterior window solar shades. After placing the white anchors on our white window frame, I waited until the next day before applying the male part of the hardware.  This is the recommended approach by the exterior … [Read more...]

EZ Snap Exterior Window (Solar) Shades – White Anchors Installed

EZ Snap Adhesive Anchors

Yesterday,  I removed the exterior window screens from EZ Snap Direct from one of our south facing windows. This was done because I wanted to see what the white adhesive anchors looked like on our white window frame, especially after the solar screen was placed back on the window frame. So, what do these white adhesive anchors look like? Well, as you can see from the above picture, they are the same shape and size as the black anchors available from EZ Snap. Also, in the top … [Read more...]

EZ Snap Exterior Window (Solar) Shades – White Anchors

EZ Snap Blank Anchors

OK, y'all likely remember how much I like the exterior window screens we use from EZ Snap Direct on our south facing windows to maximize our energy savings in the summer from reduced electricity bills from our air conditioner not running excessively. Remember, these are the ones which reduced the temperature reading on our digit gauge  by 15 degrees F. after we first installed them. And, since last summer was mostly rain and cool, I fully expect this summer to be lots of sun and lots of … [Read more...]

Repairing Bathroom Double Towel Rack – 2

New Bathroom Towel Rack Anchor Position

Yesterday, in Part 1 we had removed the double towel rack from it's initial faulty location, located one wall stud to be used to secure the towel rack in it's new location had drilled the anchoring holes. Remember that we used a level to ensure that the pair of holes on either side would be, well, level. So, next I found a pair of screws larger than those which came with the double towel rack's packaging and screwed them past the drywall and into the wall stud to secure the anchoring … [Read more...]

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