microFIT vs RRSP – Is There Not One Definitive Answer?

Euro and dollar symbol

No. Well, you asked. :) The past few articles in this microFIT vs RRSP series compared the financial results of investing the cost of our microFIT quote in a microFIT roof mount solar PV installation vs simply investing that money in an RRSP. Andrew from Solsmart was very helpful in validating my earlier analysis and offering other perspectives. And no, we have not signed a contract with anyone. From the previous articles, here are the relevant summarized financial information at the … [Read more...]

ecoENERGY Retrofit – Progress After 30 Months? – 2

Yesterday we wrote about 4 macro events occurring in the past 6-ish months or so which could impact the participation levels and depth of participation in the ecoENERGY Retrofit program. Today we commence our look at the statistical data over the first 30 months, ending September 30, 2009 for the ecoENERGY Retrofit program. The following statistics were provided to DailyHomeRenoTips.com by Media Relations Assistant | Adjointe aux relations médias  of | de Natural Resources Canada | … [Read more...]

Solar Air Heating – Product and Installation Summary

Solar Max 240 Cover Comes Off 1

Last fall, we wrote about our evaluation, purchase and installation of the CanSolair Solar Max 240 solar air heater. Solar air heaters are products which use the direct sun light to generate heat for the home, cottage or any type of building. As they generate heat, the only form of energy they consume is a minor amount of electricity to run the internal fan to take the cool air from inside the home, push it out to the solar air heater on the south facing wall or roof, cause it to  be … [Read more...]

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