Finished Pivot Toilet Paper Holder Intallation

Installing Toilet Paper Holder Anchors

So far in this how-to series, we looked at the installation of the Moen Branbury Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder with the brushed nickel finish which we purchased at The Home Depot as part of its Renew and Redo Your Bath event and began the installation. Today we get the new bathroom accessory installed into the potty room of our en suite. Now, here once again are the different parts from the packaging which one uses to install either end of the toilet paper holder. For us, we only needed … [Read more...]

Towel Warmer Review – WarmlyYours Elements Towel Warmer

Elements Electric Towel Warmer

Recently we received the Elements model TW-E4PCP electric towel warmer from WarmlyYours to review. Of course, before we could use this nicely crafted luxury bathroom product, we had to first install it. This article, therefore, will focus on our installation efforts. Tomorrow's second article will focus on our use of this electric towel warmer. Below is a picture of the area in of the bathroom where we plan to install this product. We want to place this unit on the wall that is at 45 … [Read more...]

Bathtub Faucet Spout Replaced

Bathtub Spout Replacement

Yesterday we showed how easy, surprisingly easy, to remove the spout for our bathtub which had the diverter jammed. Today, we finish the job and attempt to install the replacement spout. I returned from one of the several plumbing supply stores in our area with the replacement. It was very similar in design to the one which lasted less than 3 years. Can you tell which one is the replacement spout? It is the one on the left in the picture below. You can see how the screw inside the spout is … [Read more...]

Bathroom Faucet Removal

Bathub Spout Removal

Yesterday we described our situation with the damaged diverter within the spout in our bathroom's bathtub, such that we no longer could divert the water to the shower head. I greatly feared a possible solution because I know little and have even less personal experience with plumbing. However, I learned that underneath the spout is a small hole through with the small screw holding the spout to the water pipe could be accessed and loosened sufficiently that the spout could be simply pulled … [Read more...]

Repairing Bathroom Double Towel Rack – 3

Bathroom Towel Rack End with Allen Key

Yesterday we showed you the installation of the anchors for the ends of our double towel rack in our en suite bathroom. Today, we complete the job. Now, for this double bath towel rack model, the ends are secured to the metal anchoring hardware by way of a tiny screw in the bottom of the towel rack end which is screwed through the use of a small Allen Key. You need to make sure that the towel rack end is flush against the wall, otherwise the screw will miss the metal anchor located … [Read more...]

Repairing Bathroom Double Towel Rack – 1

Bathroom Towel Rack Repair\Bathroom Towel Rack Repair 1

Today we write about one of the many home maintenance tips which are easy to do. Most bungalows, just like the one we call home, are short on space because any living space which is not in the basement is all on one floor. So, in our master bedroom's en-suite bathroom we had installed a double towel rack by the contractors as part of creating the en suite in the first place. Planning. A double towel rack holds two towels at once; it will need to hold double the weight of a regular … [Read more...]

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