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Go Irish 150x150 Notre DameI have been a diehard fan of the University of Notre Dame for all of my 50+ years on this planet.

Like many Fightin’ Irish fans, I had previously only seen the campus on television during the home football games in the fall.

I never had the chance to see the GO IRISH painted sign on one of the walls within the Joyce Center.

Pictures, like the one below the live WebCam of the Golden Dome on top of the Main Administration building (on the right) with the Basilica on the left, were only viewed, as they say, from afar.

domecam Notre Dame

I did not attend as a student; I had never been to the campus; before this trip I had only yet always cheered on their athletic teams from a distance.

knute rockne statue 02 Notre Dame
Then an opportunity presented itself to spend a week in South Bend / Mishawaka area and attend a football game in Notre Dame Stadium in the late fall of 2009. If you have ever been passionate about anything in life, you will be able to relate.
This page will provide the links to the various articles I wrote on my adventures planning and experiencing this week in South Bend, Indiana during the height of football season. Each article will have a link at the end to the next one.

 Notre Dame

If you are not a Notre Dame fan, then perhaps it will cause you to relive your own passionate experiences in your own past. A life without passion, is a life without excitement.

And now, the journey begins.

17-JAN – The Journey Becomes Possible

20-JAN – Start At The Beginning – The Tours

09-JAN – Learning More About The ND Campus


30-MAR – Office of Sustainability – University of Notre Dame

09-JUL – We Have Fightin’ Irish Football Tickets – Almost

03-AUG – Planning South Bend Visit

23-AUG – The Tickets Have Arrived

18-OCT-09 -On The Road to South Bend and Notre Dame


19-OCT-09 – First Impressions

20-OCT-09 – The Athletic, The Souvenirs and The Spiritual

22-OCT-09 – Touring South Bend and College Football H.O.F.

23-OCT-09 – More Notre Dame and Chicago Blackhawks

24-OCT-09 – Luck of the Irish and Fiddler’s Hearth


25-OCT-09 – Football Fridays on Campus

27-OCT-09 – Notre Dame Fighting Irish Game Day

28-OCT-09 – Notre Dame and South Bend Highlights

And now are the articles relating to our return trip to the University of Notre Dame in late September 2010 for another Fighting Irish home football game:

Notre Dame Football Weekends – Bond Hall Steps Concert

Notre Dame Bagpipe Band – Administration Building Steps Concert

Notre Dame Marching Band – Pre-Game Notre Dame Stadium Performance

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Pre-Game Warm Ups

Notre Dame Campus - Eck Visitors and Alumni Center

South Bend Resturants We Tried

Sports Book Review: Notre Dame and The Game That Changed Football

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  1. John Judge says:

    I read your post about alums vs. subalums on NDN 1-31-09.
    Strongly agree with your premise. Not only are alums in general more negative about the priests, players and coaches at ND, but it more so on NDN than it is on Mike Frank’s site:”Irish Eyes”
    It has always been that way in the 10 years that I have been reading NDN-and it is not likely to change IMHO

  2. Dan says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for this. I’ll have to check out the free area on Irish Eyes.

    There’s so much negativity in this world one needs a break from it from time to time…even if it is only to ‘drink the koolaid’. :)

    Curious, John, are you an alum or subway alum?

    All The Best,


  3. John Judge says:

    Sub Alum. Graduate of Loyola U. and Law School.
    Retired Judge;
    –Irish citizen and American dual citizen.

    God Bless you and yours


  4. John Judge says:

    Access to all sites, videos, premium forums and more with a 7-Day free trial! – Subscribe Now

    Dan: there is a free trial membership in Mike Frank’s Irish Eyes-on the Front Page


  5. Kelly says:

    Thank you so much for posting all of this! I work at the South Bend/Mishawaka CVB and appreciate the kind words you have about the information we sent you and the community! I will definitely be sharing your experience with others–as long as that is ok with you!

    Thanks again!!


  6. Dan says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Sure, fell free to do so.

    We had such a great time.

    While the campus, etc., etc. of the University is wonderful and unique, there is also sites to see within South Bend itself.

    Cheer (Cheer :) ),

  7. Michele says:

    My daughter received a wonderful 4 year academy scholarship from the University of Notre Dame and that campus is amazing and the football games are nostalgic. I was privileged to be at the ND vs Navy game November 3, 2007 and for move ins and the great graduation of 2008. Your pictures are priceless and I have so many also my favorite Touch Down Jesus and the Dome. I really hope you went to all of the special little out of the way places on the campus as well as off campus to fully enjoy its character. I am from New Mexico by way of Wisconsin and I was so taken to tears by all they have to offer. House of Irish is here always.
    Irish at heart,

  8. Michele says:

    Correction: Academic Scholarship. Typing faster than I should.

  9. Dan says:

    Hi Michele,

    Thank you very much for your thoughts. Yes, it is a very special place. I was not able to go there as a student, so I finally made it as a ‘tourist’.

    There are so many aspects to the campus that I plan to do the campus tour again this year when we go back for my second time.

    It will be harder to obtain a pair of tickets this year (Stanford game) but I am keeping my fingers crossed.

    One of my favorites was the Knights of Columbus dinner after the pep rally. It remains a very under-rated activity IMO on football weekends.

    The two things which stand out for me about the Notre Dame campus were:

    1. The Grotto (words cannot describe)

    2. The People (of all ages) who me met.

    God Bless and Go Irish!

  10. Reed Shane says:

    Been to several games at South Bend. No other college game is like one at ND. 69 yrs old and been a fan since old enough to listen on the radio. Anyone has chance to attend a ND home game, do not pass it up.

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