Eco-Friendly, Low VOC Paints


We all want to decrease our carbon footprints. Home remodeling projects are a great place to make eco-friendly choices, especially because your home environment contributes to your health. Finding a quality paint that’s also eco-friendly used to be a difficult task. Fortunately, more and more companies are working to create quality, low VOC paints to use in your home. You can feel happy about the beauty of your home, as well as the air you and your family are breathing. What are … [Read more...]

Lets start working together! … [Read more...]

4 Additions to Consider When Renovating


When considering a renovation, no matter how keen you are to start swinging sledgehammers into the walls, there are a number of factors that need to be considered. It’s a good rule of thumb to start with rooms that would add significant value to the home, both for you personally and monetarily should you ever decide to sell. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 1. Outdoor room An outdoor room or enclosure is a great addition to any home. They’re convertible, which allows them to … [Read more...]

6 Great Ideas for your Summer Wedding


Unsurprisingly, summer is the most popular time to get married as you’re (only slightly) less likely to get caught in a downpour. Here are some fantastic ideas to give a personal touch to your summer wedding…Dan and Nancy used many of these for our own wedding at our home last summer!   Provide light, tasty snacks Providing guests with snacks throughout the day isn’t exactly a new idea, but if you want to keep the theme summery then opt for things like fruit kebabs or even ice … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Prime Your Garden for the Summer

Late spring and summer are the times when your garden will really come alive, so ensuring it’s in its best possible state before that time is truly essential.  As it’s still winter, now is a great time to start making those vital alterations and improvements that will make a noticeable difference.  Here are 4 that will improve your garden no end. 1 – Wondrous Water Feature A water feature doesn’t just give you something to look at.  There are a large number of great reasons why you … [Read more...]

What’s Hot for 2014?

The New Year means that it is time for a new trend. Fashion in clothing changes constantly, and when it comes to home décor, the story is no different. There are numerous trends to consider if you’re thinking of redesigning your room this year. Here are just four to get your creative juices flowing. Hollywood Glamour The Hollywood glamour trend showcases the very best of luxury. Black and gold are the central colours for this theme and big, hanging pictures should dominate your walls. In … [Read more...]

Think Notre Dame Football Players Are Tough? Try An 8 Year Old Lad from Long Island

Our regular followers know that I am passionate about the University of Notre Dame and consider myself a subway alum; I have all my life. I have written many articles about my two visits to the Notre Dame campus in South Bend, Indiana and attendance at two Notre Dame home football games which you can find elsewhere here on this web site. One of the things I admire about the Notre Dame community is how, even with their academically challenging course load, a large percentage of the student … [Read more...]

Renovating DailyHomeRenoTips

After 3 and a half years of primarily the same structure and format, we decided last weekend to give Daily Home Renovation Tips its own renovation and makeover. Did you notice? Hopefully there was not too much dust! :) Did we change for the sake of change? I hope not. Did you know we have more than 1, 300 articles? Yes, more than one thousand three hundred articles! That is a lot of articles. Did you know we have more than 30 different categories for our articles? That, as … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Have a safe and happy holiday! … [Read more...]

New Comment Area Added to Articles

We have to give thanks to two long time readers of for helping to (hopefully) enhance the area where you, yes you ;) , can leave a comment to an article. First, thanks to long time reader and comment contributor Vasile. He asked if I could increase the size of the Comments field at the bottom of our articles. Second, thanks to Sue for teaching me how to do this. Sue runs a very interesting web site of her own, Lighthouse News. It is a very nice site about anything … [Read more...]

100th Anniversary Edition

Can you believe it? We have actually reached our first 100 days with a post every single day. Quite frankly, when we started we never thought about achieving this milestone. If we had we probably would not have even started. So, we want to do two things in today's tip. First, we have to thank the the people from the Authority Blogger Forum for their relentless help in getting our blog off the ground. Specifically, we would like to thank the following who have become our mentors on web site … [Read more...]

Home Renovation Tip – Greetings and welcome.

So, what is the Daily Home Renovation Tips site all about? Our family is currently undergoing a major home renovation. We've experienced many of the highs and lows that other home renovators experience. We we are not professional contractors. We are just average people like you who did not have any experience with home renovation beyond watching TV shows. We had a need to purchase a certain type of house; after years of looking we could not find one which met our personal needs within our … [Read more...]

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