Bathroom Floor Tiling Project – Floor Preparation Under the Toilet

Toto 6L Power Flush Toilet on Broken Floor Tile

Yesterday, we took a look at the floor preparation by the tub in the bathroom which we are covering with porcelain tile from SnapStone. Today, we take a look at preparing the floor under the toilet. Now, while there was a question whether we would leave the existing single row of tile against the bathtub, there was no question about the existing tile underneath the toilet as shown in the picture of the Toto 6 litre power flush toilet below. It was cracked. It had to go. If you look … [Read more...]

Toto 6.0 Litre Power Flush Toilet Leak Fixed

Toto 6.0L Power Flush Toilet Tank Inside

Yesterday, we wrote how we discovered a leak with our only 2 year old Toto 6.0L One Piece Power Flush Toilet. What was the cause? Well, it would likely be one of three things. 1. When the water level in the toilet tank was up to the refill mark, was water continuing to flow from the fill valve on the left, through the black refill tube and into the flush valve on the right (all as pictured below)? Was the water somehow leaking out of the fill valve? Well, when there was water in the … [Read more...]

Toto 6.0 Litre Power Flush Toilet Leak

Toto Power Flush 6.0L Toilet

OK. I thought we were finished writing about our toilets for a while once we fixed, for the second time, our American Standard low flow toilet leak earlier this summer. I was wrong. When we were undergoing the major renovations to our now 22 year old bungalow back in 2007, we decided to go with a Toto 6.0L Power Flush toilet for our special needs daughters' bathroom and not the American Standard low flow toilets we put in our master bedroom en suite and in the main floor … [Read more...]

Internal American Standard Champion Toilet Leak, Again – 3

Old and New Toilet Valves

Yesterday in Part 2, we removed the existing valve from our American Standard Champion low-flow toilet. Today, we install the replacement valve and see if that is sufficient to stop the internal leak in our toilet. So, how did we make out? Really, it is simpler than I had thought. First, I placed the shank washer at the end of the new valve. What is a shank washer? It is the black washer which you can see in the picture below. The black shank washer is on the old defective valve in the … [Read more...]

Internal American Standard Champion Toilet Leak, Again – 2

Coupling Nut from Threaded Shank

Yesterday, in Part 1, we wrote about the internal new leak in our American Standard Champion toilet. Today we write about our attempt to replace the internal parts of the toilet. Now, even though we received both a replacement valve and stopper, I thought I would first try to replace just the valve because I could feel that water continuing to come into the overflow pipe from the refill tube leading from the valve. Step 1, turn water off. Step 2, flush the toilet followed by removing … [Read more...]

Internal Americal Standard Champion Toilet Leak, Again – 1

Last year we wrote about the internal toilet leak we had with our less than one year old American Standard one-piece Champion low-flow toilet.Well, it happened again recently, only different. This time we noticed, faintly at first, a hissing sound starting to occur when ever the toilet was not being flushed. Gradually, it grew more in intensity. Upon investigation we saw that water was continuing to come out of the while refill tube from the valve (on the left) into the overflow pipe (in … [Read more...]

TidyTab – New Toilet Bowl Lid Sanitary Product

TidyTab 3-Pack

We here at like new products. Innovation is what progresses a society. We also like simple. So too do we like practical, easy to install and inexpensive home products. Last year we were the first (or at least among the first) to bring to your attention and write extensively about EZ Snap exterior solar shades to help keep the interior of a home, cottage or even an RV cool and reduce air conditioning expenses in the summer. As well, last year we were the first to your … [Read more...]

Exterior Toilet Leak – Part 3 – The Solution – Closet Flange Extension Kit

Toilet Seal Package

In Part 2, Bennett showed us the cause of the exterior toilet leak, that being insufficient seal between the toilet and the drain. So, what's the solution? First, Bennett's approach is to not reuse the Wax Bowl Ring. So he purchased a new one from Waterline whose packaging box is shown in the picture below. Second, he purchased the closet flange extension kit pictured below. These come two to a pack, one 1/2 inch high and the second 1/4 inch high. So, Bennett proceeded to … [Read more...]

Exterior Toilet Leak – Part 2 – Improper Toilet Installation

En Suite Toilet Improper Installation

In Part 1 we told you how we came across the leak from our en suite toilet onto the basement ceiling tile. So, to discover what was causing the leak, Bennett went upstairs into the en suite and removed the toilet (after first, of course, turning off the water to the toilet and then flushing the water out). Here is what he found. The toilet had not been properly installed in his opinion. Let me explain what he explained to me. In the above picture you see that dark brown circle … [Read more...]

Exterior Toilet Leak – Part 1 – Will The Madness Never End?

Stained Ceiling Tile

Two weeks ago we wrote about a leak that we had within our less than 1 year old toilet. Well, we are back again. This time it is a completely different leak How did I find it? Well, on the weekend I was about to make a trip to my local hardware / building materials supply store to purchase more ceiling tiles as I had run out replacing all of the basement ceiling tiles that been damaged by the water leaking from the en suite shower which was installed less than a year ago in our major … [Read more...]

Toilet Height

Original Toilet

If you are like many folks, the only attention you give when trying to decide which new toilet to purchase for your home is: Colour Low-Flow Water Conserving Non-Sweating One-Piece or Two I would suggest to you that you also start to consider height. Yes, height. When we renovated the bathrooms in our home last summer / autumn, we focused on all of the above. When it came to height we really didn't think that it would make a difference. Bruce, our primary contractor during our … [Read more...]

Internal Toilet Leak – Part 3 – Toilet Leak Fixed

Toilet Tank Parts

In Part 2 we had received the replacement part for the internally leaking American Standard toilet. We also indicated the instructions from the customer support person on the phone: Unscrew 4 screws holding the current part Remove defective part Place new part Replace 4 screws to hold the new part Done Well, not quite. Here is what happened after steps 1 and 2: Um. It is now no longer a single part in one piece but in three pieces. Why? Well, just as there is in the … [Read more...]

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