Energy Conservation Project Listing – Retractable Screens

DreamScreen Retractable Screens French Door Installed

We have been asked to list all of the articles we have written for our various home renovation and energy conservation projects. Below you will find the links to each article in our series of retractable screens, including what the product is all about, how it is installed and how it looks. The product we use is from DreamScreens Canada. This is a great product to help let the outside air in the house to reduce excess heat buildup yet hide out of the way when not being used, … [Read more...]

Retractable Screen Door – Part 10 – Double Door Screen Place Holder

Retractable Screen Without Catch on Threshold

In Part 9 we wrote about our solution to keep the one of the out-swing (door opens toward the outside of the house) double doors open when using the retractable screens, preventing the wind from slamming it shut and possibly breaking the glass insert. Today we wanted to show you how DreamScreens keeps one side of the retractable screens open for a double door frame. It is a very simple concept, really. And, I like simple. First, here is a picture of the double door threshold prior to … [Read more...]

Retractable Screen – Part 9 – The Open French Door Solution

Hook & Eye Latch

In Part 8 we outlined the how we needed a solution that would keep the French Door open and secure when we wanted to use our new retractable screens to provide greater air ventilation in our home. You can add a contemporary office lighting to the room so it has the right lighting. Right now there was nothing to prevent a gentle breeze from moving the open door up against the porch light and brick of the outside wall, or back into the door frame, and we were about to find out a led wall … [Read more...]

Retractable Screen – Part 8 – What To Do With The French Door?

French Door Exterior With EZ Snap Solar Blinds

In Part 7 the installation of the DreamScreens Canada retractable screen doors for the double (French) doors leading from our kitchen eating area that we have equipped with the best appliances including the best masticating juicer 2014, going out to the deck in the back of the house was finished. We are really excited. The next morning I went to have my morning coffee and read the morning paper outside on the deck. I was planning to use for the first time our new retractable screen doors so I … [Read more...]

Retractable Screen – Part 7 – Filling In The Gaps

Metal Horizontal Insert

The installation activities in Part 6 saw the upper guide track connected to the left and right retracted screen housing units which themselves were affixed to the vertical door frame. If you recall, the installation resulted in gaps between the door frame and the upper track as well as both vertical retracted screen housing units. Here's a picture below showing the gaps. What was the cause? Well, it was not poor measurements or poor installation. It was obvious Dean knew what … [Read more...]

Retractable Screen – Part 6 – Upper Track and Screen Housing Installation

Right Retractable Housing Installation

In Part 5 we reviewed the Daily Home Renovation Tips solution to have a smooth lower tract installation, especially for those using a walker or wheel chair. Today we review the installation of the upper tract and the left and right screen housing components. Now, the actual order of installation is to install each screen housing component and then the upper track. To see the manufacturer recommended installation instructions for those who order the retractable screen directly from … [Read more...]

Retractable Screen – Part 5 – The Daily Home Renovation Tips Solution

Outswing French Door Threshold

We finished Part 4 mentioning that we needed a unique installation solution for our new retractable screen door from DreamScreens Canada. One of our family members uses a walker and sometimes a wheel chair. The standard installation would see the top of the lower tract component rise up a good 1/4 or 3/8's of an inch. It may not sound like a very small amount, but wheel chairs and walkers need flat surfaces to function the easiest for the occupant. And, wheelchairs can be heavy with our … [Read more...]

Retractable Screen – Part 4 – On Site Assembly

DreamScreens On Site Assembly

In Part 3 we had decided, with the help of Dean who was the installer, to place the retractable screen within the door frame of our French Doors. Remember, the decision on the placement is important because this will impact the height measurements for the components which contain the actual screen. So, decide on the placement before you order your retractable screen door from your supplier of choice (if they have a product which an average home owner can install themselves just like our … [Read more...]

Retractable Screen – Part 3 – The Installation Begins

French Door Molding

In Part 1 and Part 2 we described how we needed more air ventilation from the outside yet we did not want a traditional screen door to cover our nice new front door as well as we had no idea how one installs a traditional screen door on a pair of out-swing French Doors. The solution we have opted to implement are retractable screen doors from DreamScreens Canada. We saw the product and met Elizabeth, the owner, at a local home show in the spring. We compared the DreamScreens Canada product … [Read more...]

Retractable Screen – Part 2 – How To Fill The Need

In Part 1 we outlined the cause for the lack of air ventilation in our home, namely the front and back doors lacked a screen door to be used to keep bugs and insects out while our family pet dog, Sandy, in if we left either open for any length of time. This lack of sufficient air ventilation results in the need for our air conditioner to run longer and more often than other wise. As well, the reason we do not have screen doors on either the front or back doors is that we really like how they … [Read more...]

Retractable Screen – Part 1 – The Need

DreamScreens Canada 1

Let's get right to it. What is wrong with this picture?  I mean besides it being the replacement front door that itself will be replaced with another door because the installation was so poorly done. Don't see the issue? Where is the ventilation into the house? Where is the screen door in front of the front entrance door so if we want to let cool air into the house from the front all we have to do is open the main door without letting the insects and bugs and others pests into … [Read more...]

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