No Cost Energy Conservation Cooking Tips

Kitchen Stove

Editor's Note: To view the 500+ different energy and water conservation tips for the home we have collected, simply access our Un-Official Guide To Home Energy & Water Conservation, 2nd Edition In this two part series of our cooking related energy conservation tips, we look at the first which cost absolutely nothing to do yet can reduce the amount of energy (electricity for an electric stove / oven or natural gas for a gas 'powered' stove / oven) Here we go.   Number 19, … [Read more...]

Hiding the Kitchen Tea Towel

Tea Towel on Stove Handle

One last and short article on these great 3M Command products. When we had our kitchen completely remodeled 18 months ago, we were not about to drill a hole into the new cabinets. So, we have been using the handle on our stove to hold the tea towel. Yuk. Very unsightly.....and potentially dangerous. Well, this product line of removable adhesive products from 3M included one which is sufficiently large to hold one of our tea towels. I simply placed the … [Read more...]

Home Energy Conservation – No Cost Cooking Energy Savings Tips

Editor's Note: To view the 240+ different energy conservation tips for the home we have collected, simply access our Un-Official Guide To Home Energy Conservation. Previously we wrote about the ideas we have collected to reduce non-renewable energy resources related to heating water in your home. Today we review ideas and suggestions which cost nothing to do yet can help to reduce the amount of direct and indirect consumption of natural resources when cooking meals in the … [Read more...]

Home Renovation Project Listing – Kitchen Makeover

New Kitchen View from Main Hall

We have been asked from time to time if we would provide on a single page all of the articles we have written on a specific topic. The rationale is that it would be nice if those interested in certain of our many home renovation and home energy conservation experiences could simply see all of the different articles wrote on one of those projects and select the one they wanted. Towards that objective, on this page we are listing all of the article we have written on our kitchen … [Read more...]

President’s Choice Coffee Maker – Failing The Grade

PC Coffee Maker

From time to time we write about products we use in our home. Usually we have pretty good experience with the products we use. Not this time. For years we had a cheap, plastic, old coffee maker. It was simple to use. It made good coffee. It's primary colour was white which matched ascetically with our white kitchen appliances. To pour yourself a cup of coffee you simply take the carafe out of the coffee maker, pour the coffee, and put the carafe back into the coffee maker. No muss, no … [Read more...]

Our Bosch Built-In Dishwasher Model SHV46C

Lower Kitchen Cabinets

We have not written previously about the specific appliances in our remodeled kitchen, so I thought I would write today about my personal favourite, our Bosch Built-In Dishwasher. We had never had a built-in dishwasher in any of our previously homes. What is a built-in dishwasher? Well, the following picture shows the area of our remodeled kitchen containing the main double sink. Now, where is the dishwasher? Even our dog, Sandy, cannot find it.  :-) There it is.  :-) A … [Read more...]

Energy Conservation and …. T-FAL?

Yes, that's right. Who would have thunk it? I can tell you not me. The other day I was making breakfast (fried eggs and chicken leftovers from the prior night's dinner .... yes, I know, it's a guy thing!) and I noticed that both of our regular frying pans were still in the dishwasher unwashed. So, I took out our all metal frying pan. This one we received free from a certain very well known kitchen appliance company. Well, I sprayed the non-stick stuff since it was an all metal frying … [Read more...]

Kitchen Remodeling – Part 12 – Drive for Show, Putt For Dough

What the heck does a golfing analogy have to do with an article on a kitchen makeover? We could have titled this article 'begin with the end in mind' from that very famous self help book of the 1990's. The intent would have been the same. We began our kitchen makeover with Beyond Stone company because we had a functional need that was not being met. In our case, the kitchen design was not usable for all of our family members. So, we needed a design which would remove that … [Read more...]

Kitchen Remodeling – Part 11 – Don’t Forget The Ceiling


Yes, don't forget about the ceiling during a kitchen remodeling / renovation effort. Several different aspect here. First, do you need to repaint the ceiling? Putting a fresh coat of paint can really brighten up the entire room. Second, if you or the previous occupants of your house were heavy smokers, consider cleaning the ceiling before painting it. We had to clean it twice, using TSP. Why? Cigarette smoke will permeate most anything that is near it. When it comes to ceilings, which … [Read more...]

Kitchen Remodeling – Part 10 – Bulkhead Removal Tips

bulkheads removed

A while back we wrote an article about removing bulkheads in the kitchen, entitled Remove Bulkheads for More Cupboard Space. We recommend yyou also hire Kitchen Fitter in Manchester for better quality kitchen. That article continues to be amongst the most popular of the articles we have published. It refers to removing the bulkheads which exist in some late model kitchen for no purposes other then decorative oz minasov interior design as shown in the 'before' picture below from the kitchen in … [Read more...]

Kitchen Remodeling – Part 9 – Drawers

Pull out

In this article about our kitchen remodeling, I thought we would look at the different types of drawers which we selected for our kitchen. I know, I know. Drawers? Are you kidding me? Could there possibly be a more boring topic? :-) Well, let me say this. We have lived in a lot of houses in our time and not having the right type of drawer can be very frustrating. Not at first, but that frustration can gradually build up over time. Apart from all of the glitz and glamour of a kitchen … [Read more...]

Kitchen Remodeling – Part 8 – Lighting Selection


Today's article on our kitchen remodeling, one of several different home renovation projects we have undertaken, concerns the various lighting we chose for our kitchen: recessed ceiling (pot) lights, under-mount counter lighting and pendant lighting. Now, our kitchen originally had a single light in the middle of the ceiling. Since we live in a bungalow we were encouraged by both Jim, our kitchen designer and Bruce, our primary contractor, to go for recessed ceiling lights. With use of a … [Read more...]

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