5 Ways to Add Style to Your Home

While you’ve more than likely spent a lot of time considering the color to paint your interiors, and agonized over which sofa to spend your dollars on, it’s the finer details that can really add interest to your home and turn it from a house to a home. Here are 5 ways to introduce stylish flair to your home that will make it stand out from the others in the neighborhood. 1. Stairs Unless you’re carpeting your stairs, your stairs are an area that you can be creative with. More than just a … [Read more...]

Cost-Effective Tips to Extend the Life of Your Furniture

You don’t change your furniture often, and since furniture is quite expensive, you want it to last as long as possible. With a little care you can extend the life of your furniture, without having to replace soon and saving big bucks too, over the years. Check out a few cost-effective tips which can help to extend your furniture’s life. Stain proof it Stain proofing your couch fabric and cushions will keep them looking fresh and new for a considerable amount of time. For just a few hundred … [Read more...]

Which Pests Require More than One Treatment

You've discovered that your house has some sort of insect pest problem and you're planning on calling in the pros. But what kind of treatment schedule can you expect? Are they going to have to spray repeatedly, or are some insects treatable in just a single visit? Obviously, you'll have to talk to your exterminator to get the complete picture of your upcoming treatment plan. Professionals like Broward exterminators Excel Pest Control are always happy to let you know what to expect and should … [Read more...]

How To Fix a Blocked Floor Drain In Your Home

You will no doubt be familiar with the drain in the floor of the utility areas of your home, such as the basement or the laundry room. Any run off and grime from the appliances in the room tends to find its way down this drain. It’s unsurprising that floor drains can have a tendency to become blocked. If this happens then there can be flooding in the room, or the steady build-up of a pool of water. This is why it’s so important to make sure any blockage is remedied as quickly as possible. … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Installing Air Conditioning in the Home

Air con comes as standard in some parts of the world. For many people, it is the only way they can cope with extremes of temperature and without a fully functioning air con unit in a hot climate, it would be difficult to live - and work - during the summer months. But air conditioning sometimes gets bad press and not everyone is convinced of its merits. It can also be expensive to install from scratch. So if you are pondering whether to fit a new air conditioning system in your home, here are a … [Read more...]

How Does Welding Really Work?

Man Welding with WIA Welding Machine

Welding doesn’t seem like the most exciting profession or hobby, but it does form a huge part of our everyday lives. Most of our large consumer goods could not have been constructed without some form of welding. Without this process, we probably would not have buildings and cars that hold together as well as they do today. To put it simply, welding is the act of fusing together two pieces of metal. There several different methods when it comes to welding, and they all have their advantages … [Read more...]

Home and Office Plants Don’t Have to be Difficult

It can be a difficult decision, whether to invest in plants for your home or office if you are going to have to spend time looking after them.  But caring for plants doesn’t have to difficult, there are plenty that are easy to manage. One thing’s for sure, plants do brighten the environment, whether they have colorful blooms or interesting foliage.  From a workplace perspective there is also some evidence that plants improve mental functioning so they could be beneficial to a business … [Read more...]

Can You Improve Your Health by Improving Your Home?

We all know that our health is affected by our immediate surroundings. But sometimes it’s difficult to gauge just how pervasive environmental influence can be. It’s all well and good to head outside from some fresh air when you’re feeling blue, or dust regularly to improve allergies, but there are actually some home improvements you can carry out that will have a longer-lasting and more pronounced effect on your health than other kinds of short-term measures. Light Your Life First and … [Read more...]

DIY Electricals – Getting it Right

Rewiring a house, or even a room, is not something to be undertaken lightly. In the first instance, wiring undertaken by an amateur can cause risk of fire or electrical injury and in the second, in some cases it can invalidate your housing insurance. If you are planning on rewiring as part of your DIY renovation, make sure you are properly qualified. In the UK Electrical Training Courses are available online and will give you a City and Guilds qualification that will ensure that your wiring is … [Read more...]

Six Home Improvement Projects Ideas

Six Home Improvement Projects Ideas

Purchasing and owning a home is probably the most significant investment most people will make in their lifetime. This makes maintaining and improving the property very important, and there are some improvements that add more equity than others. If you are looking to increase the value of your home with updates, you should begin in the areas with the greatest potential. The six projects listed below are most likely to get the best return on your investment.   Replace Your Entry … [Read more...]

Where to Look for DIY Home Maintenance Advice

Any homeowner home owner looking to save money on the financial investment in their home  (and don't kid yourself, a home is a huge financial investment) needs to at least be aware of periodic reminders on how to do just that. Yet, where to look? One place to go to will be the web pages of financial institutions providing financial services to the residential housing market such as Aviva home insurance. Such companies are motivated to provide quality home maintenance information as it is … [Read more...]

How to Avoid Paying Too Much for Insect Control

Editor’s Note: From time to time we entertain guest articles. Today’s guest article was written by Sam Peters. ++++++++++ Few insects and bugs in in your home are normal, but if you see more creatures swirling inside the house and outside in the garden and backyard, chances are that your home is prone to insect damage. Most home owners want to keep bugs out of their home. Here are a few possible insects and bugs that are known as common home invaders.   Common Home Invaders 1.  … [Read more...]

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