6 Cheap Tips for an Energy Efficient Bathroom

Modern Bathroom 1

Despite being one of the most frequently visited rooms in a home, the bathroom can be an overlooked space when it comes to creating an energy saving household. Fortunately, there are several effective measures you can take to squeeze more out of every dollar of your energy budget when designing a bathroom, and these 5 tips are not only energy efficient, they’re cost effective as well. Unplug Household items such as electric toothbrushes and hair dryers draw power even when not in use, … [Read more...]

The Finishing Touch: Most Popular Bathroom Fixture Brands

Outdated bathroom accessories such as faucets and showerheads can detract from the look of a stylish bathroom and even decrease the potential value of your home. Fortunately, modern design has taken a renewed focus on the beauty of bathroom fixtures as well as their utility, and the most desirable options on the market bring a blend of both. These innovative manufacturers are known for their signature approach to bathroom décor, and their products are popular among stylish remodelers for good … [Read more...]

A guide to four simple plumbing problems

Editor’s Note: From time to time we entertain guest articles. Today’s guest article was written by D Whiteside. ++++++++++ As the cooler months approach rapidly, some of us will be checking to make sure our houses are made more energy efficient, while others will be making sure they have adequate boiler cover in case  something goes wrong. However, it’s also a good idea to make sure you have the skills to deal with any smaller plumbing problems that might crop up during a time when … [Read more...]

Home Power Outage Lighting System Review

Mr. Bean Home Power Outage Lighting System

A while back we received  a home power outage lighting system from a company called Mr. Beams. It has taken us until now to take a look into this simple, wireless product which can automatically provide lighting where used in your home when the power goes out. My initial take: I like it. I like it a lot. Home Power Outage Lighting Product Imagine your daughter is in the bathroom after the sun goes down when the power goes out (which recently happened to us twice) causing total darkness. … [Read more...]

Replacing The Shower Head

In2ition Shower Head Installed

Replacing the shower head in your bathroom is, frequently, much easier than you might think. Was it 'that' easy for me? You know better, right? ;) We recently received a free shower head from Delta Faucet call the In2ition model 58045. You have seen the very cute TV commercials about this product all over the internet so I won't repeat them here. Now, this shower head is not water savings. Yet, I installed it in the shared / guest bathroom in our home. We don't have a lot of … [Read more...]

Caroma Flow Shower Head Review

Caroma Flow Showerhead Installed

A few weeks ago we were offered a free Caroma Flow Shower head to try and review. So, we had our occasional product tester, Harvey, install and try out this new water saving shower head and report back to us. This water saving product is sold world wide at plumbing and bathroom fixtures supply stores. Water Savings Shower Head According to the manufacturer, the Caroma Flow Showerhead provides  a nominal flow rate of 1.5gpm/5.7L at 80 psi, providing a saving up to 10 gallons more water … [Read more...]

Completing Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder Installation

First Primer Coat Applied to Wall Repair

The past week or so we have written and shown with many pictures how easy it is to install a toilet paper holder. And, it is actually easier to install a pivoting toilet paper holder because once anchored to the wall, you can lift the bar between the two ends to repair any minor damage to the wall in behind the bathroom accessory. Today we finish the job. Here is where we left things with our new Moen Banbury Pivoting Toilet Paper holder in the brushed nickel finish which we purchased at … [Read more...]

Finished Pivot Toilet Paper Holder Intallation

Installing Toilet Paper Holder Anchors

So far in this how-to series, we looked at the installation of the Moen Branbury Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder with the brushed nickel finish which we purchased at The Home Depot as part of its Renew and Redo Your Bath event and began the installation. Today we get the new bathroom accessory installed into the potty room of our en suite. Now, here once again are the different parts from the packaging which one uses to install either end of the toilet paper holder. For us, we only needed … [Read more...]

Installing Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder

Removal of Toilet Paper Holder Ends

Last time we wrote about the Moen Banbury Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder in brushed nickel we purchased at The Home Depot Renew and Redo Your Bath event. While it was not one of the many bathroom accessories on sale for 20% off, it was one which fit our en suite's accessories and finishing. Now, what about the installation? It is not hard; it simply entails several small steps. First of course is the removal of the current toilet paper holder. Once done, I wanted to see if the ends … [Read more...]

Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder

Disfunctional Toilet Paper Holder

As we have written about previously, The Home Depot in the USA is in the middle of a Renew and Redo Your Bath event, hence our $200 Home Depot Gift Card Giveaway. There are a bundle (in the thousands!) of bathroom accessories whose prices have been reduced by 20% as part of this event. For us, we like simple.  And our most of our bathrooms were renovated only 4 years ago or so. However, we did have a need to redo something in one of our bathrooms. Take a look at the picture … [Read more...]

The Home Depot Renew and Redo Your Bath Event

Themed Bathrooms for Renew Your Bath

You may have already heard about it, The Home Depot Renew and Redo Your Bath event in the USA. This is more than a sales event. I don't have to tell you about the nasty weather outside, which makes it a good time for those indoors home improvement and renovation project. Renewing a bath can mean a variety of updates including changing out a vanity, adding new lighting, installing a new floor, changing out the toilet, replacing the showerhead or adding a new paint color. During their … [Read more...]

Towel Warmer Review – WarmlyYours Elements Towel Warmer Usage Review

Electric Towel Warmer

Two days ago we reviewed our installation of the Elements electric towel warmer we received free from the very nice people at WarmlyYours. I recommended you use the above link to review our installation experience when you have need. Today, we complete our review of the Elements electric towel warmer product which can quickly turn your bathroom into a luxurious bathroom. For us, the need is more basic. One of our family members has special challenges and is always freezing for numerous … [Read more...]

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