Drop vs Drywall Ceiling – Part 1

Pool Table

Ah, a finished basement. What a worthwhile remodeling project. Immediately provides additional, usable living space in the home. And, of course with insulating the exterior walls reduces heat escape and thus conserves energy. It can be thought of as a great home renovation project in the winter when folks tend to cocoon more (i.e. stay at home more) because of the inclement weather. But, what about the ceiling? Should one install drywall on the ceiling with drywall screws attached the … [Read more...]

Basement Bedroom Temperature- Part 3

Duct Taping Cold Air Return in Basement

OK, in the last article in this series (link at the end of this posting) I said I would show pictures of the duct taping used around the cold air return. So I will. The first is of the duct tape itself. I'm reminded of an Andy Rooney segment many years ago on 60 minutes where all he wants is to buy a pair of running shoes and he goes into a shoe store and is shown a wall full of different modes. Same thing (almost) with duct tape. The one we bought and used is shown below, specific for … [Read more...]

Humidity – Part 6

Humidifier Damper Open

Home renovation or remodeling can be very frustrating. Even more so if you are a newbie like me who does not do this for a living and has not really done this in the past 1/2 century of life. So, when we last left you, after cleaning the mesh in the flow through humidifier unit and its top / lid, after applying duct tape to any openings we could find, after placing the mesh back in the unit and closing the cleaned lid, we expected the humidity percentage to go up. Instead it went down after … [Read more...]

Humidity – Part 5

Humidifier Connection to Cold Water Line

OK, previously we were going to remove the wire mesh from the flow through humidifier and clean it in hopes of getting the humidity in the house to more than 35%. So, step one: turn off the water line at the hock up to the cold water pipe. If you do not do this and the furnace goes on during your cleaning you will have a large water spill since the cover will not be on top of the flow through humidifier. Step two go to the humidifier. This is what it looked like from the outside. Not … [Read more...]

Basement Bedroom Temperature – Part 2

  Family's health is important, both during and after a home renovation or remodeling effort. That includes the health of all of the family members, like this one whose trying to take a nap with baby reindeer:   Sometimes simple things can work wonders. Take heating vent covers. There are those which are to be inserted into heating vents in the ceilings of a basement that have the holes on either end for the screws.   There are those which do not have the holes in … [Read more...]

Humidity – Part 4

Damage to personal health and certain building materials (hardwood floors) should be sufficient reason to pay attention to humidity levels in the home. We hope you do.It has been about a week (actually 6 days) since the prior posting in this series. What has happened during that time? If you recall we could not get the humidity percentage in our house, after finally getting the flow through humidifier working above 32%.This past week, we had our replacement windows installed in all the main … [Read more...]

Home Renovation Tip – Humidity – Part 3

Water Line to Himidifier

OK, so we have the flow through humidifier actually running with water flowing into and out from the unit, but our humidity percentage won't get above 32%. What now? Well, I looked for the head office of the manufacturer up on the Internet by finding their web site (Google is such a wonderful tool, isn't it?) and then under the Contact Us link called them up during regular office hours. I explained the situation and the person transferred me to their engineering department. The gentleman I … [Read more...]

Home Renovation Tip – Humidity – Part 2

Humidity gage

OK, when we last left the situation (i.e. at the end of the previous post), the flow through humidifier was finally working. However, it still did not feel 'right' in the house. How did we know if we still had issues or not with the humidity level? Sam, the hardwood salesman said that our flooring needed to have the humidity around 35%. One of the members of the House Repair Talk forum which we participate in from time to time (link provided under the useful renovation related links … [Read more...]

Home Renovation Tip – Humidity – Part 1

Another Humidifier Pic

Today we begin a new series of articles, humidity inside the house. Why? Well, it's because we are having 'challenges'.   It all started in the summer when we had the natural gas water heater replaced. The house came with a flow-through humidifier, which basically contains a vertical, square-ish mesh filter-like part, but it is not a filter. Rather, water goes into the flow-through humidifier on top of this mesh part and air also goes through the mesh part when the heater is on to become … [Read more...]

Home Renovation Tip – Basement Bedroom Temperature – Part 1

Our youngest daughter (who's away at university) mentioned that her bedroom was too cold in the summer. So we did a few things to try and help, including stopping the drafts coming through from the cold cellar door by putting on the door sweep at the bottom of the door and weather stripping against the door jams along the door frame. Even though the cold cellar is at the opposite end of the basement from where her bedroom is located, we thought that may have been part of the issue. It … [Read more...]

Home Renovation Tip – Lighting for Billiard / Pool Table & Referrals

Pool 1

Today's home renovation tip is related to the moving of the billiard table. BEFORE AND AFTER After many requests we finally have some photo's to show you on our home. These first two are, obviously, of the billiard table area of our walkout basement.   How is this a tip? Well, do you have any idea how much an over sized (some might say 'regulation') billiard table weighs? A lot. And, it needed to be moved from the position it was originally in because we needed to build a wall to … [Read more...]

Home Renovation Tip – Where’s That Billiard Table Going, Again?

The house came with a regulation (over sized to most of us) billiard table in the basement. It's not in pristine condition and we are not billiard / pool players but what the heck. We had to move it because it's location was in the way of the new wall we were building to make a bedroom for one of our daughters. We called a company that specializes in moving and setting up such things. The move went fine, was actually very inexpensive and took under an hour. We moved it to the other end of … [Read more...]

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