Drop Ceiling Directional Air Register Installation

Removing Old Ceiling Air Register

Yesterday, we wrote about the need we had to deflect the air coming out of an air register within our basement drop ceiling. I had found a 2 in 1 plastic air vent register which contained a built in deflector that would seem to meet our need, containing a middle component which would allow the air to optionally be directed towards one side of the unit. The installation actually took less time than I had thought, about 10 minutes or so. It was one of those home maintenance tasks which was … [Read more...]

Directional Air Vent Register

Opening to Basement Stairs

Last year we wrote a series of articles on the selection and installation of a solar air heater to help heat the basement of our home, as shown in the picture immediately below. When our daughter would be home from attending university, we would use the air heated by the sun to help heat her basement bedroom. On those occasions, which was most of the time, when she was away at college, we wanted the air to help heat the rest of the basement and possibly rise up to the main … [Read more...]

Basement Drywall Ceiling Vent Cover – Part 3 – Solution ‘C’


Two days ago in Part 1 of this short series we explained the issue we had with the opening in the drywalled basement ceiling in the ‘boyfriend room' preventing us from having a conventional vent cover: both the vent opening in the drywall and the wood frame therein did not allow for a conventional ceiling vent cover to be held with screws in the ceiling, and the same wood frame and excess duct work metal, even after removal of some of the excess would not allow the interior frame of a … [Read more...]

Basement Drywall Ceiling Vent Cover – Part 2 – Solutions A and B


In Part 1 yesterday,  we reviewed our situation, where a standard ceiling vent cover would not fit within the vent hole in our drywalled ceiling. We did however come up with a three pronged solution.First, when I was at the Home Depot I came across cold air return covers in amongst the different vent covers. The difference is that a vent cover has the portion which is about an inch and a half, perhaps two inches deep, that goes into the vent opening to help hold it in place. A cold air return … [Read more...]

Duct Tape – In The Furnace Room

High Efficiency Furnace

Yesterday we wrote about how we used duct tape to secure the fitting between the vent opening in the basement ceiling duct and the vent cover installed in the drip ceiling tile. Today we want to write about our recent use of duct tape in the furnace room. You know, high efficiency furnaces are great. The provide better utilization of natural gas to generate more heat from a lesser amount of the non-renewable energy resource. However, if the duct lines are not properly installed, the … [Read more...]

Curtain Removal In The Basement

Curtains and Sliding Door in Basement

Everyone has a bunch of those tasks in the house that never seem to get done. For me, one of them was removing the draw-string curtains in the basement by the sliding glass doors left by the prior owners. In the picture below, you can see the curtains drawn to the left with the horizontal cover across the  the sliding glass doors.   Sure, they match the colour of the carpet. However, why the were installed in the first place is a bit of a mystery. Decorating is very subjective. … [Read more...]

Paulin Hollow Wall Anchors – Picture Hanging

Bare Wall in Basement

We have written about Paulin Hollow Wall Anchors previously in prior articles. No, these have nothing to do with the current Republican Vice President Candidate Sarah Paulin. :-) These are the devices that can replace the need for a plastic anchor and screw to be drilled into your drywall in order for you to hang something on the wall. I used them again on the weekend. The basement in our home was finished when we purchased it last year. There was this wall as you can see in the … [Read more...]

Basement Ceiling Tile – Caution on Mold Potential

Ceiling Tiles 25

Yes, I have written before about my very strong preference for a drop ceiling vs drywall ceiling for basements. Can you imagine how much effort it would have been to locate and fix our shower leak with a drywall ceiling in the basement? Yikes! :-( Now it is important not to let such leaks fester no matter how small. If you don't fix the leak and then repair or replace the ceiling tiles you are encouraging mold to grow on the constantly damp / wet tiles. Here is a picture of the tiles, … [Read more...]

Basement Systems

What do Extreme Makeover Home Edition, BobVilla.com and Ron Hazelton's HouseCalls all have in common? Besides home renovation I mean? :-) All three have used products from Basement Systems. I have written previously about the important to the average home owner of credentials provided by companies providing home renovation or home energy conservation goods or services. As a home owner you don't have the time to investigate every Tom, Dick or Harry. Home owners need evidence of trust … [Read more...]

Ceiling Tile Replacement – Part 2

pre cut

OK, yesterday we had started our task of replacing the ceiling tile. We left off with the new 4 foot long tile laid on a flat surface and the old 2 foot square tile on top to act as a template for cutting. What we used to cut the 4 foot long piece was a simple utility knife. However, make sure that the blade is sharp. A dull blade will cause more of a mess and can accidentally rip the tile surface. Start with very light pressure to make the initial groove in the replacement tile … [Read more...]

Ceiling Tile Replacement – Part 1


Replacing ceiling tiles is actually pretty easy. Like anything in life, taking on a task which one has never done before can be both exciting and stressful. How do you know you can actually do it? How do you know you won't mess up? How do you know that if you do mess up you can fix it? These are questions that come to mind, regardless on the simplicity of the task. So, for us we had some ceiling tiles where there used to be lighting in the basement. We move the lighting and were left with … [Read more...]

Drop vs Drywall Ceiling – Part 2

Drop Ceiling Heating Vent Opening

We ended Part 1 in this series on Drop vs Drywall Ceiling stating that, while our preference was for a drop ceiling, drop ceilings are not perfect.   Below are two pictures of cutouts for heading vents. The picture on the left is from a drywall ceiling while the picture on the right is from a drop ceiling.           I would like to draw your attention to the right side of the heating vent opening for the drop ceiling example (picture on the right). Ceiling vent … [Read more...]

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