Assembling the Rio H605 Bath Lift from Invacare

Invacare Rio Bath Lift H605 Installed in Bathtub

In our last article yesterday we reviewed different aspects of our new Rio Bath Lift, model number H605, from Invacare. It is a very new model. How new? Well, the unit's label indicates it was manufactured in May 2014. Yet the product label on the back indicates the manufactured month and year of April 2013 as shown in the picture below. Assembling the Rio H506 Bath Lift  Here is our experiences, with pictures, assembling the Rio Bath Lift in case it helps you in your efforts to … [Read more...]

Invacare Rio H605 Bath Lift Review

Invacare Rio Bath Lift H605 Battery Charging

Yesterday we introduced you to the Invacare Rio H605 Bath Lift, new on the home health care market. Rio H605 Bath Lift Specifications The list of specifications from the User Manual provided inside the shipping box are as follows: Depth - 26.8 inches Heights - 40.6 inches Seat Width - 14.6 inches without side flaps / 28.3 inches with side flaps Height of Backrest - 24.2 inches Total Weight - 20.9 pounds Initial Observations Using the Rio H605 Bath Lift When we used it for the … [Read more...]

Invacare Rio Home Bath Lift

Invacare Rio Bath Lift H605 Fully Installed in Bath

Bath lifts, those devices which will lower someone into their bath and then raise them up to the top of the bath tub, are becoming more and more affordable. How do I know that bath lifts for the home are becoming more affordable? Well, about 10 years ago or so we purchased one for our special needs (a.k.a. disabled) daughter to use; the bath lift we purchased cost around $2,000....more I think. Today we received a new home bath lift from which cost us, on sale, for … [Read more...]

Automatic Faucet For The Home – 1

Moen Automatic Faucet

Six degrees of separation; yes, it is funny sometimes how people become acquainted. A recent reader of our articles goes by the handle, John Judge. John introduced himself to me through a few postings I had made on a Notre Dame fan web site. John indicated he liked our site but wished that we had more articles on assisted living in the home which would be useful to many as our population ages. John, this one's for you. Our oldest daughter is a special needs person. To help … [Read more...]

Home Renovation Tip – Tub

B Tub

Today's home renovation tip deals with the new tub in the bathroom for the special needs member of our family. Now, this bathroom previously had the jacuzzi tub in the upper left corner and the vanity with the sink over on the lower left of the picture. On the right was a very small shower stall. We had the tub and shower stall removed and the wall rebuilt on the right to seal off the wall as if there was no shower stall. On the other side of the wall is the closet in the laundry … [Read more...]

Home Renovation Tip – Existing Ensuite – Free Standing Sink

New Sink

In today's home renovation tip we have a 'before' and a partial 'after' picture of the existing existing en suite. It is a partial after as it shows only one side of the en suite. When we get the replacement battery for our 7 year old digital camera we'll include the other side of the 'after' en suite.  BEFORE The picture below shows the copper sinks & cupboard plus the jacuzzi step up tub in the existing en suite in a very crowded bathroom. This was not going to meet the needs of our … [Read more...]

Home Renovation Tip – Wheelchair Access – Between Garage and Laundry Room

New Access

Today's home renovation tip is how we enabled wheel chair access from the Garage to the Laundry Room while retaining stairs access.   When we purchased the home there was no wheel chair access; no ramps, no lift. And, since the reason we bought the home in the first place was to accommodate a family member's special needs, this had to change. We planned for the change before we put in the offer, because without accessible access (and other accessible needs), the house would not work for … [Read more...]

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