Mice in the ceiling – what steps should you take?

Having mice in your home can be a nightmare. So, you should never ignore the scratching and scampering noises that you hear from above. It takes only a tiny space for mice to get into the main area of your property, from the ceiling space. Once there, they can cause a considerable amount of damage. If you think that there are mice in your home, you can seek help from a professional pest control service. The experts can deal with the situation for you. It’s also possible to take action … [Read more...]

What is that noise in your roof space?

If you are lying in bed, and you hear a noise from the roof space above your head, there is a good chance that you are not really going to want to investigate the source. The good news is that the vague sound of scratching is not likely to be a dangerous intruder like the one you just saw on America's Most Wanted. The bad news is that the noise is likely to be the result of an unwanted non-human intrusion. Pests like rats often scratch around, once they have gotten into your home. You may … [Read more...]

The Bone and Biscuit To The Rescue


Yesterday was an interesting day in these parts. After snow and temperatures around the freezing mark the prior day, yesterday turned very cold with a biting wind. My oldest daughter and I had planned to drop Sandy off at the groomers (The Bone and Biscuit in Ajax), take in a movie and then pick up Sandy with her newly coiffed look. And that is what we did; albeit we were running just a tad late. Sandy Needs A Haircut So we arrived at the Bone and Biscuit in Ajax a few minutes late. … [Read more...]

Our New Favourite Pet Store

Freshly Groomed Cookapoo

This is Sandy. She is a Cockapoo badly in need of a summer hair cut (but you would not know it from the picture which was taken after her recent grooming); yet our long time groom was away on vacation this week. So, we ended up finding our new favourite pet store and their dog grooming services. Who might that be? The pet store is called The Bone & Biscuit Company which focuses on natural pet food products. They have under 12 locations in various provinces in Canada including … [Read more...]

Daily Home Energy Savings Tip #294 – Heating – Pets Body Heat

Editor’s Note: To view all the 530+ different energy and water conservation tips for the home, simply access our Free Energy and Water Savings Guide, 3rd Edition +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Number 294, Use Pets To Keep You Warm. This money saving heating tip could be for people with dogs and cats. Our pet dog, Sandy, likes to snuggle at night during the winter to keep herself warm. What she doesn’t realize is that she is also helping to keep us warm. :) Or, … [Read more...]

Blue Jays vs Robins


We've been wanting to get today's article written and posted much earlier, but life has a way of getting in the way (or should I say shower leaks :-) ) As you may recall, the back of our home faces south and backs onto a ravine and forest. We've never where our house was not backing onto another house. So, we are really enjoying all the wild life we are seeing. Take the Blue Jay. They are a very pretty bird to us. They are even the mascot of a certain major league baseball team who won … [Read more...]

Rabbits In The Backyard

Rabbit 1

How many of you have rabbits in your backyard? Our home backs onto a small forest, so it is to be expected. Yes, they are all cute and cuddly looking, aren't they? :-) We wrote earlier about how we installed a solar charged pest repeller for our mole problems. Well, the Rabbit doesn't seem all too bothered by the solar pest repeller, as you can see it near the Rabbit in the picture below. However, while we haven't seen the Rabbit eating our vegetables from our vegetable … [Read more...]

Robins – Part 6 – Gone, But Not Forgotten

Baby Robins

In Part 5 we showed pictures of the baby Robins maturing in their nest underneath our deck in the back yard. They are gone now. It took approximately 2 and 1/2 weeks from the time they hatched from the eggs until they flew the coop. Sure, we will miss them. But we have a great story to tell. On the evening when they were about to leave, the first baby Robin jumped down from the next to the lawn in the back yard; quite a feat in itself as it was a 7 foot drop. The bird just sat there … [Read more...]

Robins – Part 5 – Growing Up

Baby Robins 010

In Part 4 we presented two videos made with a digital camera of a mother Robin feeding her babies within a week of their birth. Today we present additional pictures taken a few days later. What you will notice, if you compare the following pictures to those in Part 3 are how much the babies have matured. In these pictures, the young Robins have taken on a much more mature bird like appearance. Look how large they are now as they sing in harmony to their parents for more … [Read more...]

Robins – Part 4 – Home Vidoes of Feeding The Days Old Baby Robins

In Part 3 we presented some pictures of the parent Robin feeding the new, just days old, baby Robins. In this article, we present to you two short videos showing the feeding of the Robins by the parent. How did we come to obtain these videos? Well, would you believe that they were made with a camera? No, not a video camcorder, but a regular digital camera. They were taken by our youngest daughter who received the digital camera for her birthday. When we bought the digital camera for … [Read more...]

Robins – Part 3 – An Early Feeding Of The Babies

Baby Robins Feeding 31a

In Part 2 we introduced you to the new baby Robins that were born into the bird nest underneath our deck. Today, we have some pictures of an early feeding. Again, we do not want to be intrusive. So, the following pictures might not be as clear as they might otherwise be. Here is the first of the parent Robin in the nest with the gang getting ready to feed. Does anyone know if just the mother Robin does the feeding? Or, does the father Robin also pitch in? Please let us know as we … [Read more...]

Robins – Part 2 – Robin Babies Arrive

Baby Robins 13a

In the first article in this series, we introduced you to the home renovation within the home renovation; i.e. the pair of Robins renovating the nest underneath the back yard deck. We saw the mother Robin in the nest but could not see any eggs. Well within 2 weeks from when we first spotted mother Robin in the nest, not only were eggs, but they had hatched! Talk about a home, or, um, nest renovation that had to be completed on time!!!! :-) Now, we have to be careful. We don't want to spook … [Read more...]

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