Our New Favourite Pet Store

Freshly Groomed Cookapoo

This is Sandy. She is a Cockapoo badly in need of a summer hair cut (but you would not know it from the picture which was taken after her recent grooming); yet our long time groom was away on vacation this week. So, we ended up finding our new favourite pet store and their dog grooming services. Who might that be? The pet store is called The Bone & Biscuit Company which focuses on natural pet food products. They have under 12 locations in various provinces in Canada including … [Read more...]

Day Lillies Four Years Later

Stella D'Or Day Lillies Along Driveway

When you are planing a garden you need to think not just about how the makeover with the new plants will look when you are done but how they will look a two, three or more years later. With that in mind, I thought you might be interested in seeing how little or how much the Stella D'Or Day Lillies in our front garden have progressed now into their fourth year. Did much change after four years? Lets take a look. First Year With the Stella D'Or Day Lillies If you recall, our first full … [Read more...]

Scotts EZ Seed vs Canada Green All In One Lawn Repair Kits Decision

Scotts EZ Seed vs Canada Green Velocity Patch Plus

Over the past two months or so we have written several articles comparing two popular all-in-one lawn repair kits, namely Scotts Turf Builder EZ Seed and Canada Green Velocity Patch Plus. We made side-by-side comparisons of these two lawn repair kits in two specific areas of our lawn. We wanted to see how both products worked under different direct sun light conditions. One area was along the shady east wall of our garage as shown in the picture below. The second test area shown in this … [Read more...]

Strawberries, My Favorite Backyard Garden Fruit

Backyard Strawberries

Yes, strawberries are indeed my favorite backyard garden edible fruit or vegetable, but not for why you think. You know that my wife's husband can be incredibly lazy at times. That is me. :) I just wish I had more time to be involved in all my different areas of interest which includes gardening. However, time is not my friend. Time is also not your friend. I just don't have the time right now to tend meticulously to the gardens around our home. That is why strawberries are … [Read more...]

Hostas: Excellent Plant for the Garden

Multi-Colored Hostas

Looking for some ideas on what to plant in your garden? Have you considered a Hostas? Do you want a garden plant that requires little maintenance? Have you considered a Hostas? Are you partial to different shades of green in your garden? Again, I will ask, have you considered multiple Hostas plants? Do you want a perennial plant which will come back year after year, a touch larger every year? How about a Hostas? Are you looking for a garden plant that will thrive in both full sun and … [Read more...]

Adding Immediate Color To Front Porch

Front Porch With Color

I am not a fan of annual flowers. Sure, they are very pretty to look at in any garden. Yet, time is not my friend; like most people, I have precious little of it. That is why in our front garden you won't find any annual flowers planted by me. In our front garden, pictured above, you will find a dozen Stella D'or Day Lillies, seven Pyramid Yews, six Hedge Yews, several groupings of tulips for string color, a half dozen Hostas plants ... and more ... but you will not find any annual … [Read more...]

Lawn Repair Product Comparison – 2 Weeks Later

Scotts EZ Seed vs Canada Green Velocity Patch Plus

Two weeks ago we began a side by side comparison of Scotts Turf Builder EZ Seed and Canada Green Velocity Patch Plus lawn repair products. We were curious which was the superior product. If you have been following this all-in-one lawn repair series of articles, you know that we tested these two products in side-by-side comparisons within two areas of our home property: 1. Primarily shady area along the east wall of our home 2. Primarily sunny area in the south facing back … [Read more...]

Lawn Repair Products Review

Scotts EZ Seed vs Canada Green Velocity Patch Plus

It has been a full 10 days now since we first applied two different lawn repair products, Scotts EZ Seed and Canada Green Velocity Patch Plus, on two different areas of our lawn. We had both a shady area along our east wall as well as a sunny area out in our south facing back yard which needed repair. So, 10 days ago I applied these two lawn repair products in side by side comparisons. Both lawn repair products have compelling TV commercials. I was curious. Here is what the south … [Read more...]

Canada Green vs Scotts EZ Seed Lawn Repair – Canada Green Takes Early Lead

Cockapoo In Back Yard

Over the past week we have written a few articles comparing Canada Green to Scotts Turf Builder EZ Seed lawn repair kits. Both have visually appealing television commercials. Canada Green's TV commercials shows numerous time lapsed photography pictures in their side by side test indicating that their product beats on which looks a lot like Scotts EZ Seed from both the packaging (with the product label removed of course) as well as from the contents. Scotts EZ Seed's TV commercials shows … [Read more...]

Some Proof That Tree Fertilizer Spikes Work

Jobes Tree Fertilizer Spikes

This weekend you might have already finished fertilizing your lawn. What about your trees and shrubs? Below you will see two pictures each with one tree. The trees are the same age and were planted on the same day within side by side neighboring lawns. The first tree has very noticeable leaves starting to appear. The second tree, the one behind the first in the above picture? Well, its leaves are not quite as prominent. Why the difference? Tree fertilizer spikes. The tree … [Read more...]

Like Watching Grass Grow – Comparing Canada Green and Scotts EZ Seed

South Lawn Repair Day 2

Earlier this week we began to compare Canada Green with Scotts Turf Builder EZ Seed lawn repair products. Why? Well, I was curious. The TV commercial from Canada Green makes it look like it is a vastly superior product to that of Scotts, the fertilizer people. And if you look at our initial Canada Green vs Scotts EZ Seed lawn repair products article, it appears that the Canada Green covers three times more area for about 33% lower price than Scotts EZ Seed lawn repair … [Read more...]

Comparing All In One Lawn Repair Kits

Shady Lawn Area Cleaned

Yesterday we start to compare the Scotts Turf Builder EZ Seed against the Canada Green all in one lawn repair kits. We found that the Scotts Turf Builder EZ Seed package was 50% more expensive ($20 vs $13) yet covered only one third (80 vs 250) of the square footage than the Canada Green product. Of course, that is just where the comparison starts. Where does the comparison end? It ends after both products have been applied and give a chance to strut their stuff :) ; that is to say, … [Read more...]

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