Solar Air Heater Air Filter

Solar Air Heater Intake Unit

Does your solar air heater have an air filter? Oh, wait. Do you even have a  solar air heater? No? Don't worry. If you are not too sure what a solar air heater is,  you can read about here about our solar air heater. Perhaps this will help remind you to check the air filters you do have in your home, like in your furnace or dehumidifier. :) Keeping your air filters clean allows your furnace fan or solar air heater fan to work less hard and thus consume less energy. This allows you … [Read more...]

Solar Air Heating – Product and Installation Summary

Solar Max 240 Cover Comes Off 1

Last fall, we wrote about our evaluation, purchase and installation of the CanSolair Solar Max 240 solar air heater. Solar air heaters are products which use the direct sun light to generate heat for the home, cottage or any type of building. As they generate heat, the only form of energy they consume is a minor amount of electricity to run the internal fan to take the cool air from inside the home, push it out to the solar air heater on the south facing wall or roof, cause it to  be … [Read more...]

Solar Air Heating – Summer Unit Coverage

Solar Max 240 Installed

Last fall we wrote about the purpose and the installation of our solar air collector / heater from Cansolair, the Solar Max 240. Here is the link to the first article in our solar air heating series. During our solar air, not water, heating articles last fall we were asked more than once what to do with the unit during the summer. Here you can see it installed on the right side of the south facing wall of our basement walkout. The question was regarding how one typically doesn't … [Read more...]

Solar Air Heating – Part 24 – Sun’s Position Impacting Shade

Shade on Solar Air Collector After Spruce Tree Removed

Yesterday in Part 23 we saw how the 25 foot high evergreen tree was removed from our backyard as it was causing unplanned and excessive shade in the morning on our Solar Max 240 solar air heating unit. The question is: did the removal of the tree in our backyard have the desired effect? In other words, was the solar air heater receiving sufficient sun earlier in the morning to save us money on our home heating utility bills in the winter and reduce the natural gas our furnace consumed? Yes … [Read more...]

Solar Air Heating – Part 23 – The Tree Comes Down

Tree Being Trimmed Before Chipper

Yesterday, in Part 22 of our series on our solar air heater, we talked about the issue we had with the Norwegian Spruce tree causing more shade than planned on our solar air heater. Here is the picture of the shade caused by this 25 foot high tree on our solar collector in mid-morning. It may seem strange for someone who is focused on energy conservation to cut down a tree. However, that tree is getting in the way of us receiving free heat as much as we could be receiving from our … [Read more...]

Solar Air Heating – Part 22 – Norwegian Spruce Not My Friend

Just before Christmas, we wrote our last article in our solar air heating series when we discussed the amount of temperature increase (known as temperature rise) generated from the Solar Max 240 unit we installed on the south wall of our home. Today we now return to this series to write about an issue which occurred with our new energy conservation device. There are several considerations you must take into account when deciding on the location of your solar air collector unit. This article … [Read more...]

Solar Air Heating – Part 21 – Temperature Rise Discussion

Ceiling Vent In Early Morning

In Part 20, we addressed (hopefully satisfactorily) a question from a visitor to who wanted to know about the temperature of the air intake component when the solar air collector was not on. Today, we address what to me is the most significant question about the performance of any solar air heating unit in our quest for energy conservation within our home by way of this type of supplemental home heating device; namely, what is the temperature rise? First, what is … [Read more...]

Solar Air Heating – Part 20 – In-Take Component Temperature When Unit Not On

Solar Air Collector In-Take Unit Temperature Reading

In Part 19, we completed the insulation of our Solar Max 240 solar air heater in an energy conservation attempt in our home to reduce our home heating costs as well as reduce our home's consumption of non-renewable resources (natural gas in our case but also works to reduce home heating oil, etc.). Now, in Part 7, a reader with the handle bakeapples asked the following in his comment: Do you have a IR [infra-red] thermometer? I am curious about how cold the intake/exhaust vents will get … [Read more...]

Solar Air Heating – Part 19 – Installation Completed

Solar Max 240 Flexible Duct Line

In Part 18 we continued our efforts to reduce our energy consumption by way of installing a solar air collector to provide supplemental heat to our basement. Today we simply complete the installation of the ceiling duct work that will take the heated air from the solar air heating unit to either the basement bedroom or basement recreation room or both, depending on our need. So, last time we had just completed the installation of the Y-duct into the duct vent and vent cover within the … [Read more...]

Solar Air Heating – Part 18 – Interior Installation Completed, Almost

Flexible Insulated Duct Attached to Metal Duct Vent

In Part 17 we reviewed the beginning of the interior ventilation installation for the air heated by our solar air heating unit. In today's article we complete the interior installation. Remember, we are using our solar air heating unit to provide supplemental heat to both the basement bedroom as well as the area in the basement recreation room by the stairs leading up to the main floor. So, once the ceiling duct vent and cover were connected to the ceiling tile by the door to the … [Read more...]

Solar Air Heating – Part 17 – Interior Installation Continues

Ceiling Duct Vent And Cover

In Part 16, we had finished with the exterior installation of our new solar air collector. With this accomplished, we could now work on finishing the installation on the inside of the house for the Cansolair Solar Max 240. This began with the connection of the temperature line which originated from inside the unit that was passed through the blower assembly unit through our use of the speaker wire and out on the inside of the blower assembly unit. So,  the temperature wire was … [Read more...]

Solar Air Heating – Part 16 – Outside Installation Completed

Solar Max 240 Upper Brackets 1

In Part 15, we started to install the Solar Max 240 on the outside wall. Today, we complete that installation. As shown in our last article, we had all of brackets installed on the outside wall and were ready to prove the measurements. Notice the minuscule space between the top of the solar air heating unit and the upper brackets? Sweet. However, we are not nearly done yet. You can see the green tape on the right helping to still hold the plastic sheet covering the unit. So, … [Read more...]

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