Comparing MicroFIT Solar Panel Installation Vendors – Payment Terms


Did you know that you do not merely have to accept the payment terms included in a proposal from a solar panel installation vendor? Challenge them; they might surprise you. You will be paying them tens of thousands of dollars of your hard earned money. The past few days has seen us compare some of the details of five different solar panel installation vendor proposals / quotes we have received over the past nine months. We are doing this to help educate you on what you can expect … [Read more...]

Comparing MicroFIT Solar Panel Installation Vendors – Solar Panel Configuration Proposals

Vendor B South Roof

We have written previously about some of our experiences with five different solar installation vendors and their proposals. When you are thinking of investing tens of thousands of dollars on a product, you really need to do your homework. Hopefully you can benefit from our experiences and be more motivated not to accept the first or second proposal you receive. So far we have written about differences amongst the five different solar panel installation vendors … [Read more...]

Comparing MicroFIT Solar Panel Installation Vendors – Site Visits

Sun Measuring Device

After receiving different quotes and proposals from 5 different home solar panel installation vendors over the past 9 months we thought you might be interested in any significant differences between different aspects of their approaches. Recently we wrote about the differences in these solar panel installation vendors approach when it came to providing references. I was surprised how much difference there was. References of the vendor's performance is critical if one is spending … [Read more...]

MicroFIT Solar Panel Installer Quotes

Is there a difference between quotes you receive from installers of solar panels under any government subsidized solar electricity home improvement plans? What about one such as the Ontario MicroFIT solar program where the rate you can earn for each kilowatt-hour produced by your roof top solar panel installation is fixed by a 20 year contract? Oh my, yes. It has been a long while since we wrote about our possible participation in the Ontario MicroFIT roof top solar panel program. In … [Read more...]

MicroFIT Solar Panel Home Installation

Euro and dollar symbol

Over the summer and early fall we wrote about our own experiences with the Ontario MicroFIT program which provides a 20 year contract at a fixed price rate to purchase all of the electricity a household or farm can produce. In our case we were considering installing solar panels on the south-ish facing and the west-south facing roof of our home. We haven't yet proceeded. As of the time this article was written, we had not yet received our conditional contract from the Ontario Power … [Read more...]

microFIT vs RRSP – Is There Not One Definitive Answer?

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No. Well, you asked. :) The past few articles in this microFIT vs RRSP series compared the financial results of investing the cost of our microFIT quote in a microFIT roof mount solar PV installation vs simply investing that money in an RRSP. Andrew from Solsmart was very helpful in validating my earlier analysis and offering other perspectives. And no, we have not signed a contract with anyone. From the previous articles, here are the relevant summarized financial information at the … [Read more...]

microFIT vs RRSP Conclusion?

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In the first of this three part article, we described a comparative investment to the microFIT renewable energy program for individuals; that being the Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) or the Spousal Retirement Savings Plan (SRSP). I suggest you refer back to the microFIT vs RRSP article for many details and assumptions, etc. I will also repeat a statement from that article: "Remember, everyone’s own personal situation is unique. Before you make any decision you should contact … [Read more...]


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I'll be direct. The point of this three part article is to simply make you consider alternative uses of money you might otherwise commit to a solar panel PV installation under the Ontario microFIT program. I am not for or against the microFIT program. As someone who is pro-energy conservation, I am glad there is some financial assistance for renewable energy generation. I am first and foremost for my family's own financial well being, as you should be for yours. As I haven't yet seen a … [Read more...]

Ontario microFIT Conditional Contracts Released En Masse?

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It has been about 6 weeks since I submitted my microFIT application on-line back towards the end of July. I have not received my conditional contract yet. The clock for the 40% Ontario content until 12-31-2010, rising to 60% Ontario content 01-01-2011 is ticking. And, I am not going to commit money to any installer until I have a conditional contract in hand. So, being the curious fellow that I can be at times, this past Friday (two days ago) I called up the OPA's microFIT Program … [Read more...]

Financial Discussion of microFIT Solar PV Assessment

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In this continuing series of our own experiences with the Ontario micro-FIT solar PV program, I provided the details of the quote we received following the on-site solar assessment from Sun Volts Unlimited; please do access that article for the details of the quote. Today, following some time to reflect and analyze the details and in receipt of some additional information from Sun Volts, I thought it would be interesting to focus on the financial impact. Yes, the altruistic objectives of … [Read more...]

microFIT Application Processing Wait Time

With the decision yesterday by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) regarding ground-mounted solar PV projects (64.2 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh)), I have to applaud the OPA for not making this change in the pricing retroactive. In an email received from the OPA, which likely was received to all those registered under the microFIT program, it states: "The Ontario Power Authority has announced that it has finalized the price for the new microFIT ground-mounted solar PV category at 64.2 cents … [Read more...]

Applying For A microFIT Solar Contract

To date in our continuing series on our possible participation in the Ontario Power Authority's microFIT renewable energy program we have written about receiving the OurPower on-line solar site assessment, the visit from one solar installation vendor and last time the details of his written solar site assessment for our home. Here's the thing; we do not have a contract or agreement with any solar power installation vendor. Yet, a few days ago I went ahead and submitted the microFIT … [Read more...]

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