Eco-Friendly Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Contrary to popular opinion, making your home more environmentally friendly will actually save you money in the long term. Many people shy away from green modifications and changes because they believe them to be ‘too expensive’. However, the initial cost should be offset against the savings you will make on your energy bills, particularly now that gas and electricity prices have risen steeply over the last couple of years. One area where eco-friendly planning can really make a difference is … [Read more...]

LED Outdoor Christmas Lights

Outdoor LED Christmas Lights on Yews

You know, it really does not take a lot of LED outdoor Christmas lights to make the outside of a home look all Christmas-y. It also does not take a lot of time and effort to arrange LED outdoor Christmas lights either. Simple is good; using outdoor LED Christmas lights can be simple as well. And, as we all know by now, any type of LED lighting uses much, much less electricity than old fashioned incandescent light bulbs. Placing LED Outdoor Christmas Lights Take for example my … [Read more...]

Toshiba Dimmable LED PAR20 Light Bulbs

Toshiba ECORE PAR20 LED Light Bulbs

We have written a lot about saving energy in the home, saving electricity in the home, replacing incandescent (old fashioned) light bulbs in the home with CFL or LED light bulbs. This includes the common A19 model (which fits in most table lamps and ceiling receptacles) and the PAR20 model which is commonly used in recessed ceiling light receptacles. While we have replaced about 70% of all our home's light bulbs with LED light bulbs, we are still looking for more. Recently we were … [Read more...]

Philips Ambient 12.5 Watt LED

Philips Ambient 12.5 Watt LED Light Bulb

We have written many articles about LED lighting over the past several months or so. Recently, we received two of the new Ambient 12.5 Watt LED light bulbs in the A19 size from Philips to try. I was curious because I really liked the 8.6 Watt A19 LED light bulbs. In fact, I am a big proponent of LED lights in general for the home (house, apartment or condo) or office. LED light bulbs use far less (up to 75 or 80% less) electricity (as measured in Watts) than incandescent (i.e. the … [Read more...]

LED Light Bulbs In Garage Door Opener

Non-Recessed Ceiling Light With CFL Bulbs

Another article today about our experiences with LED light bulbs in our home. LED light bulbs as you know use much, much less electricity yet can produce the same amount of light as incandescent and halogen light bulbs. LED light bulbs are not subject to premature failure if they are used only for a few minutes at a time. Certain CFL light bulbs, like the different brands we used to use in our own house, stopped working and had to be replaced in only two to three years in the bathroom … [Read more...]

Lowering Electricity Use Tip #53 – Always Use Task Lighting

Editor’s Note: To view all the 530+ different energy and water conservation tips for the home, simply access our Free Energy and Water Savings Guide, 3rd Edition +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Number 53, Use Task Lighting, Always. Why use ceiling recessed lighting if you only want light to read a book? Instead, use the table lamp (containing a CFL or better yet an LED energy saving light bulb, of course). Why have the recessed ceiling lights on in the kitchen when … [Read more...]

Certain LED Lights Do Buzz in Dimmer Light Outlets

EcoSmart Par20 LED Lights Used

We have written a lot about the new EcoSense LED light bulbs from the Home Depot. List at least many (I can't say definitively all since I am not a lighting expert) LED light bulbs they do not contain any Mercury, which cannot be said for CFL type of energy saving light bulbs. And LED light bulbs in general, including the EcoSmart brand, use a lot less wattage for the same amount of light. We have switched all of our incandescent (i.e. the old fashioned) light bulbs (A19 size) as well … [Read more...]

Using LED Light Bulbs Is Saving Us Money

EcoSmart Par20 8 Watt LED Light Bulbs

A few days ago I wrote about the huge planned increase in electricity rates over the next several years where we live. Today, I wanted to review with you the impact that one of the tactics we are using to try and reduce our home's electric bill is having. The tactic: installing LED light bulbs. In early November last fall we received a large quantity of LED light bulbs from the Home Depot to try. We ordered enough A19 and PAR20 versions to replace about half of the CFL and incandescent … [Read more...]

Using Home Depot EcoSmart PAR20 LED Light Bulb


Two days ago, we started our review of the Home Depot's EcoSmart brand's version of the 8 Watt PAR20 LED light bulb. Today, I wanted to show you how its unique design looks installed in a recessed ceiling light fixture as well as discuss its light output. Now, remember that this LED light will produce 8 Watts (40 Watts equivalent from a halogen light bulb) or 350 Lumens of bright white light output per the package according to the package, which is 44 Lumens per Watt. As well, remember … [Read more...]

Home Depot EcoSmart PAR 20 LED Lightbulb Review

PAR 20 Light Bulb Comparison

Late in 2010, we wrote several articles on different LED lighting for the home. This included many articles on The Home Depot EcoSmart brand 9 Watt A19 LED light bulb and where we used it in our home. This also included articles on a 3 Watt PAR 20 LED light bulb sold by The Home Depot but not part of their EcoSmart line. One issue I had with this 3 Watt PAR 20 LED light bulb was that it was, well, only 3 Watts. Because it was so low wattage, it was not dimmable; then again, who would … [Read more...]

Using LED Lights In The Garage

Garage Door Opener

The past few article in this LED home lighting series has seen us write about the LED PAR 20 type of light bulb. We actually started this LED home lighting series looking at the workhorse of most home light bulbs in North America, the A19. Today we thought we would return to the A19 type of LED light bulb and see how it would work in the garage. Now, The Home Depot's A19 EcoSmart 9 Watt LED light bulb is, according to the product description, is dimmable and is for use … [Read more...]

Where To Use PAR 20 LED Lightbulbs in the Bathroom

Bathroom Mirror 5 Light Fixture Set

Over the past several weeks we have been reviewing different uses of PAR 20 LED light bulbs in the ceiling of: Bathroom Bedrooms Potty Rooms Today I wanted to show you another area of the bathroom where we ended up using several of these extremely low wattage energy saving and therefore money saving LED light bulbs from The Home Depot. Now, here is a picture of the mirror in our shared bathroom. Notice the set of 5 light outlets directly above the mirror. For three years … [Read more...]

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