BluRay Players For Christmas – Remember The BluRay HDMI Cables

Sony BluRay Player

BluRay (also spelt Blu-Ray or Blue Ray or Blu Ray) players are one of the popular family gifts this Christmas. And why not? Prices have come tumbling down to ridiculously low levels. You can get a quality BluRay player with a lot of bells and whistles for around $200 like this one I bought during the summer from Sony. A friend of mine is thinking that this would make a great Christmas gift for the kids this year (but I can't tell you who the friend is in case the kids stumble on to … [Read more...]

HP Photosmart Premium Printer C310 Series

HP Photosmart Printer and Cartridges

Why an article about the HP Photosmart Premium printer, C310 series? Well, because I just purchased it for my home office and I thought you might be looking for a new or replacement printer for your own home office. I have had an Lexmark X4580 for years. It was a combination printer, scanner and copier. It was 'all right'. The copies and prints it made were 'OK', yet did take a about 30 to 45 seconds per page. The scans were, again, 'OK', except sometimes it would not scan because … [Read more...]

Modems and Routers Together, Oh My

2Wire Gateway Modem and Router

Apparently Bell Canada is not advertising that two years ago or so they stopped renting small modems for their Internet service subscribers and replaced them with combination modem and router. This is pretty big news for any Bell Internet residential customers who also have or want to have WiFi capabilities in their home. At least I think it is. Separate Modem and Router We use the Internet a lot in our home. For the past four years, we have rented a modem from Bell and purchased a … [Read more...]

Oven Stopped Working on KitchenAid Electric Range

KitchenAid Electric Range

This is one of those electric appliance repair lessons for our seven year old KitchenAid electric stove / oven which still has me shaking my head. KitchenAid Electric Range Back in 2004 we purchased this KitchenAid electric range made by the folks at Whirlpool. It it the model with the functions and display at the front of the stove top. It has worked fine without any issues. It has been dependable and reliable. Then about 10 days ago I was getting ready to cook some frozen fish in the … [Read more...]

$13 Air Conditioning Saver

Hampton Bay Electric Table Top Fan

Earlier we wrote about our experience with the 12 inch Dyson Air Multiplier, which is a blade-less table top fan which, like any table top fan, will make you feel cooler so you don't have to run the air conditioner as much in the summer and save money through lower electricity costs (it costs less money to run a central air conditioner to cool the entire house than a fan to keep you feeling cooler in the one room you are using). It typically retails for around $400 and is currently (as of the … [Read more...]

Dyson Air Multiplier Review

Dyson Air Multiplier 12 Inch Model

Dyson Air Multiplier Review Bottom Line The Dyson air fan (its proper name is Dyson Air Multiplier) is only useful for those who want, or want to show off, that they have the newest tech gadget in their home. For those who want a fan for their room or even just for their desk and to whom price, performance and noise is important, stay away from this product. Care to understand how we reached this conclusion? If so, keep reading. What is the Dyson Air Multiplier? This product is fan; it … [Read more...]

TV Stand

TV Stand 4 Shelf 44 Inches High

TV stands, also known these days as TV consoles or entertainment system consoles. My gosh, they are expensive. As some of you will recall, several weeks ago our Hitachi rear-projection LED TV gave out and we replaced it with a Sony 44 inch Bravia LED High Definition TV. So far, 6 weeks or so later, it is working great. One problem; we still had the old TV stand which we purchased for $25 off of eBay a while back. The TV stand was fine except it was custom for the Hitachi. So, as … [Read more...]

How To Dispose Of The Old TV

Hitachi Rear Projection LCD TV

We wrote last month how we decided to replace our Hitachi rear projection LCD television. Why? Well, its light bulb had gone one more time (the third time for us) and we didn't want to pay almost $400 to purchase a replacement light bulb. Not when we could purchase a new Sony 40 inch Bravia LCD HD television with 1080P. Here it is pictured in our family room. Yes, I know I need a new TV stand to match! As well, the new LCD TV uses less electricity than the rear projection TV … [Read more...]

HDMI Connections

Notre Dame Football on Sony Bravia TV

For some, watching television programs or movies from a DVD player at home is something to pass the time. For others, it is an obsession. For still others, it is a way to connect with other family members. We recently needed to purchased a new television for our family room as the bulb inside our 8 year old Hitachi rear-projection LCD TV had gone once again; the third time in 8 years. At least it appeared that it was the bulb which was the problem. A new bulb would have cost around … [Read more...]

Sony Bravia LCD HDTV

Sonny Barvia LCD TV

Well, the bulb has gone now for the third time on our 8 year old Hitachi rear-projection LCD Television. I contacted the Future Shop where we made the purchase and they told me that Hitachi stopped making televisions more than 2 years ago. Who knew? So, I went on the Internet to locate a replacement bulb and it was $345 plus taxes and shipping. Yikes! For an 8 year old TV? Sigh. So, I headed down to our local Best Buy as they were having a sale on TV's (then again, when are they or … [Read more...]

Mobile Phone Review – Nokia 7020 Review


Now, you might be wondering what a home renovation and energy conservation web site like might be doing with a produce review article on any cell phone, let alone the Nokia 7020 mobile phone. After all, we write about our own experiences with home renovation projects, energy conservation efforts and the like. Heck, we even have and maintain our free Home Energy and Water Savings Guide containing more than 530 different ways to reduce your household's electricity, … [Read more...]

Daily Home Energy Savings Tip – Watch Television

Editor’s Note: To view all the 530+ different energy and water conservation tips for the home, simply access our Free Energy and Water Savings Guide, 3rd Edition +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Number 4, Energy Conservation TV Shows. Prefer the ease and comfort of the television over the Internet? No problem. Simply go through your TV guide right now to see what energy conservation related TV show is being broadcast at the present time, or later in the day. With … [Read more...]

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