Sealing Home Air Leaks To Reduce Home Heating Bills

Cansolair Solar Max 240 Installed

There are many energy saving ways to reduce home heating bills in the winter. Activities such as increasing attic insulation, sufficient wall insulation, basement wall insulation, high efficiency furnace, conversion to natural gas furnace (from, for example, home heating oil), solar air collectors, ENERGY STAR windows, and so on. The challenge is that each of these above tactics cost a lot of money. We are talking $1,000 and up ... even after most available government grants. And, … [Read more...]

Fixing Home Air Leaks Around Cold Cellar Door – 3

Cold Cellar Air Leaks Sealed With DAP Tex

Yesterday, I wrote about the product I chose to seal the air leaks around the cold cellar door frame in our basement, the DAP Tex product. The application when pretty well. As you will recognize from my other projects, I am not the neatest when it comes to applying certain energy conservation products. However, hidden away in the basement behind a door means that I don't have to worry about appearance; my focus is reducing my winter heating costs by reducing air leaks to stop the cold air … [Read more...]

Fixing Home Air Leaks Around Cold Cellar Door – 2

DAP Tex and DAP Kwik Foam

Yesterday I wrote about the air leaks we discovered around our cold cellar door during the blower test of our second home energy audit. Today I wanted to write about the solution I used. Now, as shown yesterday, we are not talking about a space that is 10 inches wide by 10 inches high. The amount of space around the door frame is around, by my calculations, about 15 square feet (36 inches wide at the top of the door + 72 inches high for one side of the door X 2 sides X 1 inch deep); … [Read more...]

Fixing Home Air Leaks Around Cold Cellar Door – 1

Cold Cellar Door

The past few weeks has seen us attempt to seal air leaks in our home which were uncovered during the recent home energy audit. This included: Sealing air leaks around the outside of the fireplace Sealing air leaks around the outside of the house Today we take a look at a very common place for air leaks in the basement of homes, specifically around the door between the cold cellar and the rest of the basement. In the past I had thought that having a door sweep at the bottom of the … [Read more...]

Sealing Air Leaks Outside The House – 3

Satellite Cable Air Leak

Yesterday we found and repaired air leaks around both the plastic encasement for the electrical cabling entering our home as well as what we think was either telephone or TV cabling. Today, two more air leaks are discovered. First, when we moved into this house two years ago we had a satellite dish installed for our television. Well, look at this. Less than two years since that time and we can see the caulking used for the satellite dish is not properly sealing the cabling. It has … [Read more...]

Sealing Air Leaks Outside The House – 2

Electrical Cabling Air Leaks

Yesterday we way how old caulking can shrink and stop preventing air leaks around water pipes entering the home to cost you higher home heating costs in the winter and higher air conditioner costs in the summer. Today we start to look at the west wall of our home to see if we can locate any air leaks which we can seal for our house and which you can add to your collection of home maintenance tips and energy conservation tips to use for your own home. First we find one around what I believe … [Read more...]

Sealing Air Leaks Outside The House – 1

Water Pipe Air Leakage

As we continue to prepare our home for the coming winter with a mind to reduce our heating costs and save money, we were very, very surprised how many opportunities for air leakage reduction we found. We hope that our experiences will encourage you to look around the outside of your own home and seal them before it gets any colder. Finding and sealing air leaks on the outside of your home with some good caulking will save you money by reduced heating expenses in the winter as well as … [Read more...]

Energy Conservation, Home Heating and Fireplace Air Leaks – 3

Basement Fireplace Brass Plating

The past two days have seen us write about the air leaks around the right and left borders of our family room fireplace and how we sealed the air leaks to keep heated air inside this winter to reduce our heating bill and save us money. Hopefully they made sense to you and you added them to your own growing collection of home maintenance tips and money saving tips for the money you will save from lower heating bills this winter. Today, we take a quick look at a similar situation with the … [Read more...]

Energy Conservation, Home Heating and Fireplace Air Leaks – 2

Yesterday we wrote about and shows the major gaps along the outer edges of our family room fireplace which caused significant air to rush into our home during our second energy audit's blower test.Today, we show the solution. For comparative purposes, here is one picture showing the gaps between the wood trim and the brick of the fireplace. Now, our solution was to use DAP Seal N'Peel removable (or as I say in the video below, strippable) caulking. Why this product which, yes, … [Read more...]

Energy Conservation, Home Heating and Fireplace Air Leaks – 1

During our second home energy audit this past spring, the blower test proved to me that we had significant air leakage around the outside of our family room fireplace, as well as the one within the billiard room of our basement.Typically when one thinks of fireplaces and heat escape in the winter, one thinks about an unsealed damper within the fireplace itself. For both our fireplaces I could feel the air rushing into the house from around the edges of the fireplace border. Today we will … [Read more...]

ENERGY STAR Rated Replacement Windows – Air Leaks 3

Yesterday we wrote about how not only our bedroom slider window but also one of the large picture stationary windows in our family room had developed moisture condensation inside between the two panes of glass caused by air leaks. Both are ENERGY STAR rated windows. Yet, would we have issues with the window salesman and manufacturer? I mean, the replacement windows were spot on a full year from their installation date. I was especially concerned with the 4 foot by 4 foot stationary … [Read more...]

ENERGY STAR Rated Replacement Windows – Air Leaks 2

Window Interior Moisture Family Room 4

Yesterday in our Leaks 1 article, we wrote about how one of the slider type of ENERGY STAR rated replacement windows had developed an air leak only  after about 1 year from its installation date. Today, the second window with an air leak. This one was really surprising to us because this window was in the family room, the large 8 foot wide by 5 foot high window area, shown in the fall season in the picture below. No, it was not one of the small sliders at the lower part of the … [Read more...]

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